Dive into the thrill, Join the fun, and Win big with MTN’s daily dose of excitement!

Step into the thrilling world of the MTN Back to School Promo, an exciting product derived from the successful MTN Bonanza, designed to bring non-stop enjoyment to its participants.

By simply sending YES, JOIN, WIN, or their aliases to 7080 for just E2 per day, with the first day free, or by dialing the USSD code *7080*1#, you can experience a daily dose of engaging content, challenging quiz questions, and incredible prize draws.

Subscribers of the MTN Summer Promo will not only gain access to fascinating daily SMS content and a captivating “Did you know” facts, but they’ll also have the opportunity to play a free 5-question quiz game via SMS. After the first free day, the service is priced at E2 per day, and participants can request or purchase up to 40 sets of 5 questions per day to increase their points. With engaging questions encompassing general and local knowledge, the fun is endless. By sending the keyword GO to 7080, participants can win 100 points instantly, up to 100 times per day.

Joining is a breeze – just send JOIN to 7080, and if the adventure must end, simply send STOP to 7080. Embrace the ultimate competition and dive into a world of entertainment with the MTN Back to School Promo!

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