Vision & mission


  • To create an umbrella organization within the company to manage and direct CSI projects
  • To leverage influence through high profile corporate citizenship projects
  • To demonstrate MTN’s commitment to community empowerment by providing resources to community-driven projects
  • To administer MTN’s CSI programmes as part of the core business of MTN
  • To foster a synergistic relationship between private and public sector to embrace social investment as a common vision.

Our vision

To take leadership in investing in our communities, with the intention of creating a better sustainable future for our valued customers.

To change lives and transform communities

MTN Eswatini’s investment in communities is long-term, and often sustainable. It is not a once-off event. Additionally, our initiatives are inherently innovative, laced with pockets of information, communication and technology, all calculated to meet the felt-needs of our market aligned to the country’s vision of being First World by 2022.

Our mission

To make our customers’ lives a whole lot brighter within the area of Health, Education and Economic Empowerment on a sustainable basis.

We are committed to going beyond the known business boundaries and reaching out to the needs of the people who form part of the different communities within Eswatini.

We hold dear a strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that undoubtedly changes the face of the country.

Education portfolio

Core Principles

  • To work in consultation with the Department of Education
  • To give regular feedback on progress to the Ministry
  • To create strategic alliances with specialist organizations who will assist in the delivery

Objectives of the Education Portfolio are;

  • To help increase the percentage of kids who complete 12 years of schooling
  • To help increase interest and enrollment in science and technology studies
  • Assist in bridging the digital divide by providing ICT in schools Assist national efforts in improving the quality of education
  • To create partnerships for effective learning Health portfolios

Core Objectives

  • To Promote educational awareness
  • To facilitate creative dialogue on HIV/Aids
  • To support voluntary testing and counselling initiatives
  • To support the initiative on reducing mother to child transmission
  • To promote access to ARV’S
  • To support job creation for people living with HIV
  • To provide clean water
  • The arts and culture portfolio Core Objectives
  • To promote art, culture and heritage for national development
  • To use art as a tool for educational purposes
  • To support and profile emerging Swazi artists