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WOW Data promo

You can win prizes that include a Mara smartphone, a Mr Price shopping voucher and MTN MoMo funds.

To qualify you must buy the MTN wow weekly bundles at least 3times a week. Dial *686*1*1# or use the my MTN app to purchase any of the weekly bundles.

A Mara smartphone.


You can simply dial *922#, choose option 2)PUK 1&2 , select PUK 1, enter your number and PUK will be received via SMS. You can also SMS your number and your ID number to 6000 to retrieve your PIN.


Eswatini Communication Commission issued a Regulation directing all mobile service providers operating in the Kingdom of Eswatini to register their Customer’s SIM cards

Failure to register a sim card will result in your number being disconnected on the network.

Customers need to bring their National ID/ Passport and Proof of Residence.

Customers can register 10 numbers per ID

Yes, that is possible though there needs to be a minimum of 50 individuals registering

You will receive two messages upon being successfully registered. You may also dial *1212# to confirm your registration status.

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Register your SIM card on the makoya network and enjoy moja vibes everywhere you go.