Dental Health Project

The MTN Foundation recognizes the pivotal role played by the health sector to ensure healthy smiles that lead to healthy bodies and healthy minds. MTN Eswatini has collaborated with the Government’s Ministry of Health as well as the Rotary’s Dental Health Project to provide oral health services to ensure that they make customers’ smiles a whole lot brighter.

MTN Cataract Project

The MTN Cataract Project is aimed at providing free cataract identification, screening, diagnostic, and cataract surgery/removal services to all Swatis. It is championed under the auspices of the Ministry of Health. Since the project’s inception in 2009, the project has benefitted and restored the vision of over 7 000 patients to date, a majority of which are the elderly.

Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in the world yet it is curable if it is identified and treated in its early stages. However, most of the patients have no access to adequate health care due to a number of socio-economic challenges. The MTN Foundation thereupon saw it fit to donate an ambulance that would be dedicated specifically for the identification of cases (home visits), transportation of patients and mobility for effect after-care & health check-ups.

The MTN Foundation has been an integral part of ensuring a healthy environment and easy access to health facilities within local communities through the construction of the ICU at the Mbabane Government Hospital and renovating the maternity ward.

Health partners

Ministry of Health

Physical Address:

2nd Floor
Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs Building
Mhlambanyatsi Road

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 5
Telephone Number: (268) 2404 5514 / 2404 2431
Fax Number: (268) 2404 74 20


Young Heroes

Offices are in Mbabane, NERCHA building.

Portion 738, Farm 2, Emajika Road

Contact details: 2406 5000/ 2406 5151

P. O. Box 7967, Mbabane Eswatini,

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