MyChoice Package

MyChoice Package

1.MTN My Choice gives you the flexibility you desire. Our package is built around your needs and budget since it allows you to create packages that suits your lifestyle.

2.You are not required to take all 4 network options, that is, data, on-net voice, offnet voice, and SMS, you may elect to take only one or a combination of 2 or 3 or all 4.

3.All contracts are valid for 24 months.

4.Unused package offers are carried over to the following month, and they take precedence over the current month’s package offers. Total validity of each bundle is therefore 60days.


How to choose your package

1.Select the My Choice package that best suits your voice, data and SMS needs.

2.You are only eligible for a device only when the package has a network value of E350.

3.We offer you our device pricelist to choose your own desired gadget depending on your budget.

4.Your total payment will be the value of chosen bundles plus the handset value over 24 months.


MyChoice Packages

On-net Voice:

Minutes Price
300 216.60
520 370.50
745 513.00
1100 741.00
1500 969.00


Off-net Voice:

Volume Price (E)
50 35.00
100 70.00
200 140.00



Offer Price (Including VAT)
500MB E60.00
1GB E95.00
2GB E195.00
3GB E320.00
5.5GB E450.00
10GB E500.00
20GB E700.00
30GB E1,000.00
50GB E1,500.00
100GB E2,500.00




Price (E)










MyChoice Terms and Conditions


MTN Global MPLS VPN as a service is a private network that connects major cities across Africa and the rest of the world. The network comprises of Global PoP’s (MTN & Partner NNI’s) across 25 MTN markets and multiple Global Markets connecting MTN clients across Africa and the Rest of the World.

MTN GMPLS is a solution for enterprise customers (mostly Multi-National Corporations) who have offices in different locations locally and internationally, allowing them to use a world-class network to link their offices together.

Key features:

  • Offers traffic prioritization on per application basis through 5 Classes of Service.
  • End to End Service Level Agreements (SLAs on Service Availability, RTT, Packet loss, Jitter).
  • Provides forwarding guarantees through bandwidth reservation on shared but secure IP infrastructure.
  • About 25 countries with a Point-of-Presence (PoP), allowing the network to connect various sites across multiple geographies.
  • Global MPLS is managed on one world class seamless managed network with a Global Network Operation Centre (GNOC) which monitors the network 24/7.

Other critical details:

  • MTN GMPLS PoP are available across the MTN footprint and other partners in other countries. Below is a non-conclusive list of countries where this service is available.


A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network (internet) and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

Possible applications of the MTN Swaziland VPN.

  • Access MTN Swaziland SIM cards from a private network.
  • Access SIM cards on an MTN Swaziland Private APN network from a non MTN network via the internet.
  • Connect to MTN Swaziland’s private VAS systems like the SMSC (for A2P and A2A SMS services) and USSD gateway for USSD based applications.
  • Connect to MTN Mobile Money system for integration with Mobile Money.

Other critical details:


  • The customer needs to have connection to a public network – the internet (from any ISP) with a static IP address.
  • MTN Swaziland uses SHA 1 hashing algorithm for the encryption of data on the VPN link.

Support channels

  • Normal MTN support channels

How to Apply for VPN:

  • Apply via your KAM or dial 78080001


APN (Access Point Name) is a name for a gateway between a GSM, GPRS, 3G or 4G network and another computer network, usually a public network (Internet).

At MTN the APN is sold a service called the private APN which allows customers to have their own private network (of SIM cards) riding on the MTN GSM/GPRS/3G/4G network. The private APN allows one to have a private range of IPs that can be allocated to one’s SIM cards and be able to communicate with each other if they are attached on the MTN Network.

Common uses of the private APN.

  • Connecting two private networks located in geographically isolated areas.
  • Connecting mobile devices back to a LAN network or server for data collection in real time.
  • Creating a WAN type of a private network of mobile devices (for small mobile businesses).
  • WAN extension for areas where fixed line/media networks cannot reach (for big corporations)


  • Network is private and secure
  • Quicker setup time, no need for laying cables
  • Prioritization of private APN traffic compared to other APNs, e.g. public APN
  • Cheaper data rates (APN without internet)

Apply for the service via your Key Account Manager (KAM) or dial 78081001 or send an email to


MTN Sponsored Data

Whether it’s giving your clients access to your enterprises’ online and digital resources at no data charge or ensuring that the learning experience is flawless by letting students, teachers, and parents access the institute’s online facilities at no data charge: MTN Sponsored Data is the solution best fit to usher your business/school into the realm of living at the edge of tomorrow.


How much

Volume Tariff – Retail Tariff – Schools
Sponsored Data <10GB                           450                                400
Sponsored Data  <25GB                           850                                800
Sponsored Data  <50GB                        1,350                             1,300
Sponsored Data <100GB                        2,200                             2,000
 Sponsored Data <200GB                        3,500                             3,300
 Sponsored Data <500GB                        8,000                             7,800
OOB                           0.49                               0.49


Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a cost-effective cloud package solution supporting the growth of the business through mobility from any device, anywhere, and at any time. It helps employees to work better together, protect their data, and enable their tomorrow. As an advanced Microsoft solution, 365 will help your business;


  • Be more productive anywhere – access your data and work efficiently from any device, anywhere and anytime.
  • Work better together – connect employees, partners, and customers with Office 365.
  • Protect their business – Know your files are securely backed up and can be recovered and accessed anywhere.
  • Build for tomorrow – Having your complete office in the cloud allows you to maximize your technology investment, reduce short-term costs and ensure that your business remains competitive and prepared for the future.


MTN Express

Living at the edge of tomorrow means connecting without glitches. MTN Express offers dedicated internet access for your business, especially if it heavily relies on internet access. It provides reliable high-speed internet connections locally, nationally, and internationally 24 hours a day. Enjoy these incredible speeds at reduced prices. We have reduced prices by up to 35% for LTE Routers and 20% for Microwave links.


Through MTN Express, you can:

  • Connect your whole team to high-speed internet.
  • Transfer huge files easily.
  • Enjoy video conferencing without disturbing glitches.
Capacity Installation Fee 12 Months 24 Months 36 Months NGO Learning Institutions
 2Mbps 3461.50 5200.47 4992.45 4792.75 3928.08 3522.32
 3Mbps 3461.50 6240.56 5990.94 5751.30 5866.13 5678.91
 4Mbps 3461.50 7560.00 7257.60 6967.30 7106.40 6879.60
 5Mbps 3461.50 9828.00 9434.88 9057.48 9238.32 8943.48
 6Mbps 6923.00 12776.40 12265.34 11774.73 12009.82 11626.52
 7Mbps 6923.00 13116.25 12591.60 12087.94 12329.28 11935.79
 8Mbps 6923.00 15083.69 14480.34 13901.13 14178.67 13726.16
 9Mbps 6923.00 17820.00 17107.20 16422.91 16750.80 16216.20
 10Mbps 6923.00 19780.20 18988.99 18229.43 18593.39 17999.98
11Mbps 9965.00 29964.27 28765.70 27615.07 28166.41 27267.48
12Mbps 9965.00 30726.99 29497.91 28318.00 28883.37 27961.56
13Mbps 9965.00 32257.04 30966.76 29728.09 30321.62 29353.91
14Mbps 9965.00 34043.59 32681.84 31374.57 32000.97 30979.66
15Mbps 9965.00 35936.50 34499.04 33119.08 33780.31 32702.22
16Mbps 9965.00 37921.77 36404.90 34948.71 35646.47 34508.81
17Mbps 9965.00 39964.77 38366.18 36831.54 37566.89 36367.94
18Mbps 9965.00 42046.26 40364.41 38749.83 39523.48 38262.09
19Mbps 9965.00 44154.68 42388.49 40692.95 41505.40 40180.76
20Mbps 9965.00 46001.66 44161.60 42395.13 43241.56 41861.51
25Mbps 9965.00 57005.26 54725.05 52536.05 53584.94 53584.94
30Mbps 9965.00 67901.85 65185.77 62578.34 63827.74 63827.74
35Mbps 9965.00 78714.36 75565.79 72543.15 73991.50 73991.50
40Mbps 9965.00 89959.27 86360.90 82906.46 84561.71 84561.71
45Mbps 9965.00 100709.58 96681.20 92813.95 94667.00 94667.00
50Mbps 9965.00 111414.63 106958.05 102679.73 104729.75 104729.75
55Mbps 9965.00 122081.97 117198.69 112510.74 114757.05 114757.05
60Mbps 9965.00 132717.55 127408.85 122312.49 128736.02 124754.50
65Mbps 9965.00 143326.13 137593.09 132089.37
70Mbps 9965.00 153589.65 147446.07 141548.22

With MTN Express you get the following packages:

Amplify your business, and live at the edge of tomorrow, with an ICT solutions provider that has your business needs in mind.

MTN Business Connect

Looking for an internet solution to support your small business growth? Look no further! MTN Business Connect is the ideal plan that offers you affordable communication packages with consistent good internet speeds everywhere you go in the Kingdom of Eswatini.

Through these packages, you can use the internet to advance your business in the following ways:

  • Easily reach your customers online.
  • Market your goods or services.
  • Sharpen your skills and knowledge with the internet at your disposal.
  • Attend virtual business conferences and meetings.

With MTN Business Connect you get the following packages:


Description Volume Price
Data only 20GB (5GB Bonus) E250
Data only 50GB (5G Bonus) E465
Data only 100GB (10GB Bonus) E750
Data only 200GB E1500
Data only 500GB E3000
50GB + 1000 Minutes E545
100GB + 1250 Minutes E850


MTN Business Connect Uncapped packages have internet speeds limited to 10Mbps for up to 100GB usage and 2Mbps up to 120GB usage thereafter.




MTN Business Caller Tunez

The ideal solution for your organization/enterprise to keep your callers informed as well as advertise your products & services whilst they wait to connect to you and your team.

Options That Are Available

Number of lines Monthly Subscription (SZL)
0 – 50 Users 237.50
51 – 100 Users 450
101 – 200 Users 850
more than 200 Users 2000

How It Works

  • The Business Caller Tune your organization/corporation sets will be active during business hours specified by you.
  • Post the specified hours; the team member’s (those specified upon setting up) personal caller tune takes over
  • This happens continuously every business day for the duration that your corporation/organization has specified.

How To Set It Up

  • Firstly record a jingle/message/advert (in Mp3 format with the maximum duration of 20 seconds) to be played back as the business caller tune.
  • This will then be forwarded to us with the list of your team members’ digits/numbers where you would want this jingle to play and the specific time when it must play.
  • You may opt-out of the service at any time (once the campaign or ad you’re running, for instance, has run its course) by sending through your request.

For more information, send us an email at or call 78081001. 

Call Assist

Call Assist, an MTN cloud service is a virtual interactive voice response solution for small businesses, an auto-receptionist system. It allows companies to automatically configure the management of incoming calls and to direct the caller to the relevant departments according to their needs. With MTN Call Assist you never miss a call.



  • With the auto attendant, the enterprise will portrait a professional image
  • Customer will never miss any important lead 
  • Costs less than a combination of a business phone line and a human resource answering calls
  • Boost sales through SMS marketing 
  • Never lose any business contact with online phonebook 
  • Never lose any important voice message with unlimited voice message storage


To get Call Assist for your business, send us an email at or apply below.