MTN Global MPLS VPN as a service is a private network that connects major cities across Africa and the rest of the world. The network comprises of Global PoP’s (MTN & Partner NNI’s) across 25 MTN markets and multiple Global Markets connecting MTN clients across Africa and the Rest of the World.

MTN GMPLS is a solution for enterprise customers (mostly Multi-National Corporations) who have offices in different locations locally and internationally, allowing them to use a world-class network to link their offices together.

Key features:

  • Offers traffic prioritization on per application basis through 5 Classes of Service.
  • End to End Service Level Agreements (SLAs on Service Availability, RTT, Packet loss, Jitter).
  • Provides forwarding guarantees through bandwidth reservation on shared but secure IP infrastructure.
  • About 25 countries with a Point-of-Presence (PoP), allowing the network to connect various sites across multiple geographies.
  • Global MPLS is managed on one world class seamless managed network with a Global Network Operation Centre (GNOC) which monitors the network 24/7.

Other critical details:

  • MTN GMPLS PoP are available across the MTN footprint and other partners in other countries. Below is a non-conclusive list of countries where this service is available.

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