The ideal solution for your organization/enterprise to keep your callers informed as well as advertise your products & services whilst they wait to connect to you and your team.

Options That Are Available

Number of lines Monthly Subscription (SZL)
0 – 50 Users 237.50
51 – 100 Users 450
101 – 200 Users 850
more than 200 Users 2000

How It Works

  • The Business Caller Tune your organization/corporation sets will be active during business hours specified by you.
  • Post the specified hours; the team member’s (those specified upon setting up) personal caller tune takes over
  • This happens continuously every business day for the duration that your corporation/organization has specified.

How To Set It Up

  • Firstly record a jingle/message/advert (in Mp3 format with the maximum duration of 20 seconds) to be played back as the business caller tune.
  • This will then be forwarded to us with the list of your team members’ digits/numbers where you would want this jingle to play and the specific time when it must play.
  • You may opt-out of the service at any time (once the campaign or ad you’re running, for instance, has run its course) by sending through your request.

For more information, send us an email at or call 78081001. 

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