Enter a bold new digital way of learning within the new normal with a teaching and learning platform which seamlessly facilitates the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of education courses. With a platform that instructors, parents, and students can access at no data charge through their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.


How much

  • E1500 School Subscription Fee
  • E30 Student Subscription Fee
  • No data will be charged to access content hosted on Fundza Portal
  • Additional data may be needed for breakout sites e.g., Zoom, YouTube, etc.
  • Available E-Learning offers for Breakouts:
Bundle Size Cost- E-learning Wow Bundle Cost
1GB E50 E99
3GB E150 3.5GB@E350
5GB E250 6GB@E500
15GB E750 20GB@E1000


What you get

  • Server Maintenance
  • Training
  • Backoffice Support
  • Data costs
  • Key Account Management


How it works

  • Setup up your departments and subjects on the platform.
  • Add teachers and students to the subjects/courses.
  • Set the course material as either a resource or an activity.
  • A resource is an item that the student views, listens to, reads, or downloads.
  • An activity is an item that the student interacts with, or that enables the student to interact with the teacher or other students.
  • Add basic course material
  • In most online courses, the core material consists of web pages that the students view.
  • These pages can contain text, graphics, movies, sound files, games, exercises— anything that can appear on the World Wide Web can appear on a Moodle web page
  • Make your courses interactive between the student and the teacher, or the student and an active web page.
  • Evaluate your students through creating quiz questions, sharing quiz questions with other courses, adding feedback to questions and quizzes, and more.
  • Make your course social with chats and forums.
  • Add collaborative activities to create new material. For example, you can create glossaries that are site-wide, and glossaries that are specific to a single course. Students can add to the glossaries. You can also allow students to contribute to and edit a wiki in class.
  • Manage and extend your subjects/courses by using cohorts, or site-wide groups, to mass-enroll students into courses.
  • Take the pulse of your course – the system offers several tools to help teachers administer and deliver courses.
  • It keeps detailed access logs that enable the teachers to see exactly what content the students access, and when.
  • It also enables the teachers to establish custom grading scales, which are available site-wide or for a single course.
  • Student grades can be accessed online and can also be downloaded in a variety of formats (including spreadsheet).
  • Finally, teachers can collaborate in special forums (bulletin boards) reserved just for them.


How schools set up

  • School visits www.yellohub.co.sz/fundza
  • Set up departments and subjects
  • Add users and assign them as teachers and students
  • Assign teachers to courses
  • Course enrolment – how to give students access to the course
  • Course set up
  • Set course material, either a resource or an activity


Online enrollment for student

  • Parent visits: www.yellohub.co.sz/fundza/apply/
  • Parent fills in details about themselves and the applicant.
  • The parent also uploads essential documents like ID’s and previous results
  • Application is submitted and directed to the school administrator who will receive an email
  • Applications’ information and submitted documents are visible on the administrator portal.
  • Feedback to parents will be via an email or telephone call
  • Schools can accept, reject or place applicants on the waiting list via this portal


Terms and Conditions

  • Access platform through www.yellohub.co.sz/fundza/
  • The virtual learning portal is zero-rated.
  • The monthly school fee is E1,500 for accessing the portal to upload content for all classes and all subjects.
  • The student fee is E30 per student per month.
  • Payment is done through MoMo and EFT (Terms and Conditions of that bank apply).
  • Schools need to be registered on Mobile Money for direct payments with an option to be paid via MTN and MTN transfers to the school.
  • Any of the following devices can be used to access the portal: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers.



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