Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Your attention is specifically drawn to all clauses which are underlined and printed in bold which, amongst others:

(a) contain a limitation of risk or liability of MTN Eswatini and/or its group of companies;

(b) constitute an assumption of risk or liability by you;

(c) constitute an indemnification of the MTN Eswatini and/or its group of companies, or

(d) is an acknowledgement of fact by you.

1. INTRODUCTION a. The MTN Eswatini LuckyU Campaign is a Campaign that enables customers to win exciting prizes when they buy/Recharge with Airtime, Data and Voice bundles will receive a Lucky recharge code from Customer will be notified that to Win a prize they should send their lucky code to 8282 @E0.50c

2. Prizes: Prizes are Data MOMO and Voice bundles

3. DURATION a. The Campaign will run from 1 January 2023 to 31 March 2023

4. CAMPAIGN RULES a. No prize may be exchanged for cash. b. MTN Eswatini reserves the right to substitute, change or exchange any prize with another prize of similar commercial value without notice, at their sole discretion. You will not have a claim against MTN Eswatini should this happen. c. MTN Eswatini cannot be held responsible for any warranties, guarantees and/or expenses to maintain any prizes outside of the prize provider’s warranties and/or guarantees. d. The prizes as advertised on any point of sale or electronic marketing communication are merely for illustrative purposes and may differ at the time of prize giving. Every effort will be made to ensure that the model is of a similar feature and based on availability at the time of dispatch from the manufacturer, but this cannot be guaranteed.

5. ELIGIBILITY (Who can enter?) a. This Campaign is open to all MTN Eswatini retail customers including Prepaid, Post-paid and TopUp/Hybrid who are: i. natural persons; ii. not excluded from the Campaign as per clause 4(b) below; iii. over the age of 18 years. Any persons under the age of eighteen (18) years must have their parent/guardian’s permission before entering the Campaign); iv. in possession of a valid Eswatini ID book or passport; and v. based in Eswatini during the Campaign Period (the “Participant/you/your”). b. Excluded from the Campaign are i. Migrations between post-paid packages that do not include an upgrade/renewal; ii. Entry of multiple SIM contracts. Only the Master SIM is eligible; iii. Corporate, Government, Business or MTN Eswatini Staff contracts taken out on behalf of a person and listed and paid in the name of a company or department of the contracting entity; iv. MTN Eswatini Business SME and Corporate customers. c. Participants younger than 18 years must have the consent of their parents or legal guardian. The Campaign prizes will only be released to the winners’ parent or guardian. d. Directors, members, partners, employees, or agents of, or consultants to, MTN, or spouses, life partners, parents

6. HOW TO QUALIFY: The Promotion is open to all MTN customers who buy/Recharge with Airtime, data and Voice bundles

7. SMS COSTS: a. SMSes will be charged at 50c/SMS.

8. LuckyU Promo customers can SMS their Lucky code to 8282 b. Once a customer sends in their Lucky code, they will be instantly advised if they’ve won or not d. Lucky codes are valid throughout the campaign but can only be used once. Only the person (i.e., cell phone number) that receives the Lucky code can send it in e. The Lucky code and prize won thereof, is not transferrable to any other customer f. You can participate in the LuckyU promo as many times as you get a code over the Campaign Period. When participation in the promo, the following are the possible outcomes: i. Win a Prize; ii. Not a winner.

a. Not all unique codes will result in a customer winning a prize. b. The prize allocation is random. d. MTN Eswatini reserves the right to select an alternative winner if it reasonably believes, in its sole discretion, that the winner: i. is not eligible to win in terms of these Terms and Conditions; ii. has contravened any of these Terms and Conditions; iii. acted fraudulently with regards to the Campaign; iv. acted in a manner that is not in the spirit of the Campaign; v. acted in a manner which can be reasonably interpreted as scamming or circumventing the rules of the Campaign; and/or vi. failed to provide MTN Eswatini or its authorized agent with the required information to hand over the prize within the specified timeframes.

10. PRIZE REDEMPTION – Once a customer wins, the winnings will be credited to their account (MoMo or Cell number) a. customers get their prizes instantly b. The prize is not transferable. No substitution, or assignment of the wins are permitted


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