Switch to MTN Home for fast and reliable home internet

Home internet has never been better. With MTN home you can work, study, stream, and play on multiple devices with an internet connection that is consistently fast and reliable.

Keep your house a connected home and enjoy the luxury of MTN Home boosters whenever you run low.


Choose an ideal package to best meet your needs




Prepaid(with device 12 months)


(with device 24 Months)

Khayalami Connect 10





Khayalami Connect 20





Khayalami Connect 40





Khayalami Connect 60





Khayalami Connect 100





All offers come with FREE night data

How to sign up

Visit any MTN service centre near you, click to the E-Shop or SMS “Switch” to 4663 to connect your home. 
  • Router bought at MTN is locked to the MTN network
  • Router Can be purchased through
    • Cash
    • Through Post- paid (proof of residence, proof of income & ID doc. 24 months contract).
    • Through router leasing (12 months payment terms: ID document & proof of income)
  • MTN Home is a fixed proposition, therefore locked to your location The Home number cannot work in a Mi-Fi or mobile device.

How to buy MTN Home bundles

  • Dial *686*2#
  • Or use the MyMTN App

Do the most with MTN Home boosters.

Keep your home connected.

Boost your connection whenever you run low

MTN Khayalami Home Boosters

Khayalami Booster 5



Khayalami Booster 10



Khayalami Booster 15



Khayalami Booster 30



Khayalami Booster 60



How To Purchase a Top-Up Bundle:

 1. Simply dial *686# then select Option 2 to view all the MTN Home packages.

  1. Go to Option 3 – Home Boosters.
  2. Select the bundle size you want.
  3. Choose your preferred mode of payment, whether Airtime or MoMo.
  4. Enter your Home SIM number and confirm it. 6. You will then receive flash and SMS notifications to confirm that your purchase was successful.

How To Check Your Balance:

  • The universal code for balance check is *688# which shows all Home data balances and dates of expiry.
  • An App like Huawei Hi-Link can be used to check and track usage, and also manage all devices connected on the route

Regional Lock and How it can be Changed

  1. Regional lock simply means that your device will only be able to access the internet according to the region you registered. If on your application you registered the Hhohho region, then it will only work within that region.
  2. The 4 regions of the country act as a barrier, the router can only be used in the region it was initially bought to be used in.
  3. Visit the nearest MTN Service Centre to change your region

How to report a fault:

  1. Call 922
  2. Send a free SMS to 1010.
  3. Send a WhatsApp text to 76061924 or 76061925.
  4. Visit our Service Centres and ETop-Up shops.
  5. Send DMs on our Social Media pages; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

So. What are we doing today?


Voice Bundles

MTN Voice Bundles are tailored to meet your daily, weekly, and monthly calling needs just right and the way you like them. With the renowned lijari (E1) bundle being the headline bundle to get those conversations started. 

Minutes Price Validity
15 Minutes E2 Hourly
40 Minutes E4 Hourly 
5 Minutes E1 Daily
30 Minutes E5 Daily
45 Minutes E7 Daily
70 Minutes E10 Daily
70 Minutes E15 Weekly
130 Minutes E20 Weekly
180 Minutes E25 Weekly
120 Minutes E50 Monthly
200 Minutes E80 Monthly
400 Minutes E150 Monthly

How To Buy

  • Dial *686*4# and select option 1) Voice Bundles to select your ideal bundle (shortcut: dial *686*4*1#)
  • Get them on the MyMTN app
  • Dial *007# and select option 6) Data and Voice Bundles then option 3) Voice. Or dial *007*6*3# and just MoMo it. 

How to view your balance

  • Dial *686*5# to view your balance
  • Use the MyMTN app to view your balance

International Calling Bundles

The ideal bundle to keep you in touch with family and friends abroad. The bundle that will have you bridging the gap and sharing those moja moments carefree in no time. 

Minutes Price Validity
15 Minutes E45 Monthly
30 Minutes E85 Monthly
60 Minutes E165 Monthly
100 Minutes E270 Daily

How To Buy

Dial *686*4# and select option 2) International Calling Bundles to select your ideal bundle (shortcut: dial *686*4*2#).

How to view your balance

Dial *686*5# to view your balance.

Postpaid Topup bundles

The bundles will carry you till the next bill cycle once you have depleted your monthly allocation (inclusive of your out of bundle rate). 

Minutes Price Validity
100 Minutes E20 Weekly
150 Minutes E30 Weekly
200 Minutes E35 Weekly
50 Minutes E28 Monthly
100 Minutes E56 Monthly
200 Minutes E112 Monthly

How To Buy

Dial *686*4# and select option 3) Postpaid Topup Bundles to select your ideal bundle (shortcut: dial *686*4*2#).

How to view your balance

Dial *556# to view your balance.

MTN Family and Friends

Stay connected with your frequently called acquittances at a low rate by adding them to your family and friends list. Dial *686*4*5# to get started. 

Fixed Voice Bundles

Refill your fixed line services voice minutes to get your business calls sorted or keep your humble abode connected to the world. 

Minutes Price Validity
500 Minutes E280 Weekly
10000 Minutes E900 Weekly
20000 Minutes E1600 Weekly
30000 Minutes E2100 Monthly

How To Buy

  • Dial *686*4# and select option 6) Fixed Voice Bundles to select your ideal bundle (shortcut: dial *686*4*6#)
  • Dial *007# and select option 6) Data and Voice Bundle then select option 4) Fixed Services.

View the Terms and Conditions here 👉🏽: bit/MTNVoiceBundles_.