These are specialized data services and products that may be at your disposal strictly when you are either on the fixed-line service, a subscriber who is travelling or a postpaid customer.

MTN WFH Bundles

Your ideal companion when setting up that home office and ensuring that you stay productive within the new normal.

How To Buy

  • Dial *686*1*4# if on prepaid (pay as you go) to activate
  • Dial *686*1*5# if on postpaid (contract) to activate
Bundle Type Size Price
Prepaid offer 1GB E50
Postpaid offer 1GB E50
Contract offer 20GB E750


Roaming bundles

Your travelling partner to keep you connected when travelling across the border. The bundle will only kick in when you’re on the MTN SA network (select your network/carrier manually within your device’s settings).  

How To Buy

  • Dial *686# and select option 7 for Roaming Bundles
  • Shortcut: dial *686*7# 
Bundle Type Size Price
Weekly SA Roaming Data 200MB E50
Weekly SA Roaming Data 500MB E110
Weekly SA Roaming Data 1GB E199


Fixed Data Bundles

Your MTN Fixed line top-up bundle of choice. Which can be loaded on your fixed line number. 

Bundle Type Size Price
Monthly Fixed Data 5GB E150
Monthly Fixed Data 10GB E300
Monthly Fixed Data 20GB E465
Monthly Fixed Data 40GB E750
Monthly Fixed Data 60GB E1040
Monthly Fixed Data 80GB E1350
Monthly Fixed Data 100GB E1630

How to buy

  • Dial *686*1# and select option 5 Other Bundles then option 2 Fixed Data Bundles
  • Shortcut: dial *686*1*5*4# and select options 


Postpaid Topup

The bundle will keep you going till the next bill run after you have depleted your monthly allocation. 

Bundle Type Size Price
Postpaid Top Up Daily 8MB E2
Postpaid Top Up Daily 23MB E5
Postpaid Top Up Daily 47MB E10
Postpaid Top Up Weekly 100MB E17
Postpaid Top Up Weekly 185MB E25
Postpaid Top Up Weekly 500MB E55
Postpaid Top Up Weekly 1GB E70
Postpaid Top Up Monthly 500MB E80
Postpaid Top Up Monthly 1GB E150
Postpaid Top Up Monthly 2GB E250
Postpaid Top Up Monthly 3GB E350

How to buy

  • Dial *686*1# and select option 5 Other Bundles then option 1 Postpaid Topup
  • Shortcut: dial *686*1*5*1# and select options 

Another simple way to buy any of the data bundles above, go to the MyMTN App and follow prompts.


Your Topup bundle will only start working once you have exhausted your monthly allocation which is inclusive of your out of bundle allowance. Dial *556# to view your balance. 

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