• Use of the Service is subject to the MTN Eswatini Standard Terms and Conditions
• Customer confirms it has read and understood the information set out and incorporated by reference in this Service Order and agrees that the Service is provided pursuant to the terms of such existing agreement as referred to above. Customer consents to allow MTN Eswatini to carry out credit checks to verify Customer identity and solvency for purposes of the provision of the Service.
• On signature of this SOF, the Customer agrees that the Existing Agreement or the Standard Terms of Business, as the case may be, will supersede and take precedence over any other verbal/written agreement between the parties regarding the provision of the service being ordered.
• Following the conclusion of this SOF, should MTN Eswatini incur expenses to provision the service, and access to the Customer’s premises is not forthcoming for whatever reason within three months of the date of the signature of the SOF by the Customer, then the Customer shall become liable for the costs referred to in the Early Termination Costs provisions of the Existing Agreement or the Standard Terms of business.
• Any termination of the services shall be regulated by and subject to the provisions of MTN Eswatini’s Standard Terms of business

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