You deserve to live a modern connected life; One where you’re constantly empowered with the right resources to go for everything you want.  With MTN, that modern connected life is possible through our products and services that fuel your Go; whatever it may be.  Want to connect to world? Pursue your dreams?  Grow your business or even simply adapt to this bold new digital world? It’s never been easier.

This Summer, we’re helping you connect and amplify your passions with products that inject the Go into your life. Like Khayalami Connect 40, an MTN Home package that gives you an extra 10GB free when you subscribe or MTN Pulse bundles which now gift you an extra bundle free with every purchase. That sounds good? There’s more. You can also now get a daily 1GB bundle, personalised offers, trendy device promotions and even All-in-one Social bundles that now come with 100% bonus data to use ANY TIME.

Whatever YOUR go is, we’re committed to helping you achieve it. Our data offers and device promotions are here to make your life brighter. Go for everything and more with a digital solutions and mobile network provider that has YOUR needs in mind.

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MTN Home


Go for more home internet with MTN Home Khayalami 40.

MTN Home lets you keep your house connected 24/7 with packages that are suitable for your individual or family needs. You can now go for home internet that lets you work, study, stream or play on multiple devices with any MTN Home package including Khayalami Connect 40 which gives you an extra 10GB free that’s valid only for 1 month.

Go for an MTN Home package that’s suited for you


Package/Offer Data Price Prepaid (with device 12 months)


(with device 24 Months)
Khayalami Connect 20 20GB E250 E366 E308
Khayalami Connect 40 40GB E400 E516 E458
Khayalami Connect 60 60GB E550 E666 E608
Khayalami Connect 100 100GB E750 E866 E808
MTN Khayalami Uncapped
Khayalami Uncapped mini 60GB E600 E716 E658
Khayalami Uncapped max 100GB E899 E1 015 E957


  • Uncapped mini

Internet speed limited to 10Mbps up 60GB usage,5Mbps up to 80GB usage, 2Mbps up to 100GB and 1Mbps over and above 100GB.

  • Uncapped Max

Internet speed limited to 10Mbps up to 100GB usage, 5Mbps up to 120GB usage, 2Mbps up to 150GB usage and 1Mbps over and above 150GB.

How to sign up

  • SMS “SWITCH” to 4663.
  • Visit any of our service centres in Mbabane at the Corporate Place and Matsapha at the Big Tree Shopping Complex to sign up.

How to buy MTN Home bundles

  • Dial *686*2#
  • Or use the MyMTN App

Top up when you run low with MTN Home boosters.

Go for easy recharge with MTN Home boosters which let you top up when your data runs low.


MTN Khayalami Home Boosters
Khayalami Booster 5 5GB E150
Khayalami Booster 10 10GB E199
Khayalami Booster 15 15GB E299
Khayalami Booster 30 30GB E499
Khayalami Booster 60 60GB E699


How to Purchase a Top-Up Bundle:

  1. Simply dial *686# then select Option 2 to view all the MTN Home packages.
  1. Go to Option 3 – Home Boosters.
  2. Select the bundle size you want.
  3. Choose your preferred mode of payment, whether Airtime or MoMo.
  4. Enter your Home SIM number and confirm it.
  5. You will, then receive flash and SMS notifications to confirm that your purchase was successful.

How To Check Your Balance:

  • The universal code for balance check is *688# which shows all Home data balances and dates of expiry.
  • An App like Huawei Hi Link can be used to check and track usage, and also manage all devices connected on the route

Regional Lock and How it can be Changed

  1. Regional lock simply means that your device will only be able to access the internet according to the region you registered. If on your application you registered the Hhohho region, then it will only work within that region.
  2. The 4 regions of the country act as a barrier, the router can only be used in the region it was initially bought to be used in.
  3. Visit the nearest MTN Service Centre to change your region

How to report a fault:

  1. Call 922
  2. Send a free SMS to 1010.
  3. Send a WhatsApp text to 76061924 or 76061925.
  4. Visit our Service Centres and E-Top-Up shops.
  5. Send DMs on our Social Media pages; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



Buy 1 Pulse bundle and get an extra one absolutely free.

Enjoy more connectivity for less with MTN Pulse. Go for any Pulse bundle and get an extra one absolutely free. Pulse combos which offer both voice and data bundles all-in-one, are made with the youth in mind; Connecting you to all of the latest trends, online news and content. You can choose between daily, weekly or monthly bundles by dialling *411#.

The menu is divided into 3 categories:

  1. mPulse which targets teens less than 16 years.  Customers who buy a bundle from this menu get 5 free minutes with a validity determined by the bundle bought (Weekly or daily)
  2. Pulse which targets customers between 17-25 years also comes with a free Twitter bundle valid for either a day or a week, depending on the Pulse combo purchased.
  3. Pulse Pro bundles are a post-paid option that’s ideal for those over 25 years. They also come with a free Twitter bundle that you can use for a month.

Go for more connected moments with MTN Pulse

Dial *411# to purchase a bundle and unlock your extra freebie.





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