Swazi MTN through its corporate social responsibility wing, MTN Foundation, has partnered with Enactus to enable over 600 tertiary students to tap into the use of technology for the creation of employment for themselves, and for people in their project communities.

Through this project, Swazi MTN has availed E150 000 to be won by students who will develop two feasible, sustainable and profit-making ICT related projects. Further, these projects were to be developed using available infrastructure and with concrete social and economic impact.

Enactus Country Director Wonderboy Khumalo said as Swazi MTN celebrates 20 years of existence in the Kingdom, they are proud to have partnered with the company for the innovation programme.

All along, he said technology had been the missing link from the students’ projects

That is why we really value our marriage with Swazi MTN,” explains Khumalo.

Khumalo said no one is better positioned than the youth to unlock the country’s ICT potential, hence they remain indebted to Swazi MTN for investing in youth development.

Khumalo said about 18% of students who have graduated from the programme have proceeded to start their own businesses. At least 8% of them solely depend on their businesses as the primary source of income.

“At this stage of our cooperation, we are creating solutions. But, three or four years down the line, I believe that we will reach a stage where we will have an incubation programme and set up small industries from these projects.”

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