Mooore Data Promo

Unwrap the Y’ello mooore Joy


Less Worries, More Celebrations – Embrace the Silver Jubilee Magic!

In the vibrant tapestry of today’s interconnected world, ‘Y’ello’ is not just a greeting—it’s an invitation to a realm of boundless possibilities. MTN understands that with every bit of data comes a treasure trove of new experiences, waiting to unfold like stories yearning to be told. That’s why we’re thrilled to welcome you to ‘SAY Y’ELLO’ to MORE—more value, more seamless conversations, and more data-rich adventures at your fingertips. Imagine uninterrupted communication that bridges distances and accessible data experiences that transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Every byte is a gateway, every connection a new chapter. Embrace this journey with MTN, where more data doesn’t just mean more experiences—it means a world of opportunity waiting for you with just one simple, joyous ‘Y’ello.


Where can I get these deals?

Though not a physical shop, the MTN One-Stop-Shop deserves to be one of the shops that you visit daily for your communication needs. To access the shop, dial *686# and follow the prompts.

What offers can I get?

The MTN One-Stop-Shop offers a variety of data and combo options. After dialing *686# you’ll see the different offers available. You can then choose the option you want:

1. Internet/Data Bundles

4. Voice

Check out: Daily Data bundles, Weekly data & Lula Combos

*Note: The menu options above are where one can find the bundles with mooore data


Terms and Conditions: 

  1. Mooore Offers are available on *686#
  2. Mooore offers are open to all MTN Eswatini prepaid customers
  3. Offers available for each individual are the same
  4. One has access to data bundles and combos
  5. MTN Mooore offers may be purchased using airtime or MoMo


So if you are an MTN customer with an active number on the network, you can start enjoying these MTN offers today., T’s and C’s apply.