1.Contract valid for 24 months. Any termination before the contract end date will attract a charge of E570.

2.Unused package offers are carried over to the following month, and they take precedence over the current month’s package offers. Total validity of each bundle is therefore 60 days.

3.The voice minutes are on-net (MTN mobile to MTN mobile or MTN mobile to MTN fixed) and offnet (MTN to local operators).

4.Handset cost is not included in the subscription amount. If terminated before the period, a handset penalty fee will be charged. Refer to contract for more details.

5.Billing of all services is for the period 26th to 25th of the next month.

6.The package can be loaded with airtime once the monthly package contracted for is exhausted. You can load airtime and buy top-up bundles from *687#.

7.All contract terminations must be sent a month before the termination period.

8.If no contract termination request is received at the end of the contract period, the contract is auto renewed on the same terms and condition.

9.To make international calls you need a Monthly Usage Limit (MUL) which you can set with the help of your Key Accounts Manager or load airtime.

10.To roam you need to apply for roaming and you will specify your Roaming Monthly Usage Limit (RMUL).

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