With Chudze Manikini you stand a chance to win awesome prizes in the form of airtime, Mobile Money and a trolley dash. Where you simply SMS “PLAY” to 3737 and receive a quote and are automatically added to a draw that runs daily. To win, your number needs to match the daily drawn digits in a sequence from right to left.

How To Play

To Activate: SMS ‘PLAY’ to 3737 at SZL 2.00 daily

To Unsubscribe: SMS ‘Unsub’ to 3737

How You Win

By matching the daily drawn digits in the below sequence: For example, if 78123456 was the number to match below would be the prize allocation:

Win CriteriaPrize
Match 2 digits (from Right to Left)E5 Airtime
Match 3 digits (from Right to Left) E10 Airtime
Match 4 digits (from Right to Left)E100 Airtime
Match 5 digits (from Right to Left)E1000 in Mobile Money
Match 6 digits (from Right to Left) Trolley Dash (worth E2000)
Match 7 digits (from Right to Left)E10000 (Grand Prize)

Meet some of the winners 👉🏽: https://bit.ly/2xUs7M2.

How to