Get access to the content you want at low rates with the ideal time-based bundle. Where you can access as much data as you want with no cap added within the allocated time. 

ProductValidityData BundlesPrice
Rush Hour Bundles1 Hour2MBE1
Rush Hour Bundles1 Hour10MBE2.50
Rush Hour Bundles1 Hour45MBE10
Rush Hour Bundles1 Hour100MBE20
ProductValidityData BundlesPrice
MTN Loloma Bundles1 Hour          –E15
MTN Loloma Bundles2 Hour          –E25
MTN Loloma Bundles3 Hour          –E30
MTN Loloma Bundles4 Hour          –E40


Your hour starts counting down from the moment of activation. MTN Loloma gives you unlimited access between the timeframe of 11:00PM – 5:00AM for the designated validity of the bundle.

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