Ayoba is a free super app made in Africa for the world.

Ayoba is an all-in-one app that offers its subscribers free instant messaging, video & voice calls, music, and games among other content. The app has over 150 games that you can enjoy and a music player for your MusicTime playlist. In 2020, it was named the Mobile App of the year in the Africa Digital Festival.

  • Send and receive text messages, photos, videos, files and voice notes.
  • Enjoy our channels to give you the latest on music, soccer, fashion, news and more.
  • Play dozens of great games ranging from sports to adventure, puzzle, and action.
  • Listen to your favourite tunes and top local and international playlists, all while chatting!

Ayoba Stay Active and Win an iPhone or Epic Gig Tickets Promo T’s and C’s

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Win your share of E1 million in prizes as MTN MoMo turns 10!

It has been 10 years since MTN launched MoMo in Eswatini on May 2nd, 2011. As this flagship product turns ten years, MTN is giving away lots of exciting prizes worth a whopping E1 million.  These prizes cover all MTN MoMo stakeholders including businesses or organizations, merchants, agents, and customers. There is something for everyone! 

Use and send more MTN MoMo to stand a chance to win a share of these prizes between now and December 2021. 

You can win:

  • 1 of 2 Nissan NP200 bakkies
  • MoMo cash prizes
  • Grocery vouchers
  • A trolley dash
  • Smartphones
  • Data
  • Airtime


Win a brand new Nissan NP200 just for using MoMo.

This promotion is open to all MTN MoMo registered customers. Two brand new Nissan NP200 bakkies are up for grabs. 

How to win: 

  • SMS “MoMo10” to 7 000 to join the promotion.
  • Make sure that you send at least E200 minimum per instance when you send MoMo to someone. You can send as many times as you can. Every E200 MoMo you send to someone else increases your chances of winning one of these two cars.

Win a Trolley Dash or Grocery Vouchers

This activation is open to all MTN MoMo registered customers who will pay with minimum E100 MoMoPay at any merchant that accepts MoMoPay. A random draw will determine the lucky winners. The first draw gets a one minute trolley dash, second to fifth draw get grocery vouchers worth E500.

How to win?

  • Pay with MoMoPay minimum E100 per shopping visit monthly at any MoMoPay accepting merchant. 
  • Each trolley dash cannot exceed E2000

Buy Airtime and Data via MoMo and Stand a Chance to Get Weekly Rewards

This activation is open to all MTN MoMo registered customers who will buy E10 airtime or data bundles via MoMo every week. 10 winners will win up to  10GB of data every week.

How to win?

  • Use MTN Mobile Money to buy airtime, data and minutes
  • Stay tuned to our social media weekly to see if you have won. 

Social Media Activations and giveaways.

We will also have digital activations such as MoMo share your story, MoMoPay my bill and other exciting user generated competitions. We encourage everyone to join these competitions.

This weekly promotion is open to all registered customers. We want to hear how MTN MoMo has made your life better. 

How to win?

  • In May: Share your MTN MoMo story and win E1 000.
    • Share a one-minute video or picture of yourself on Facebook with a caption telling us about how MoMo has made your life better.
    • Use the hashtag #ShareYourMoMoStory.
  • In June: MoMo can pay up to E1 000 of your bill
    • Take a screenshot of a bill menu screen (*007*3#) Momo OR a picture of you using MoMoPay anywhere in the country
    • Post on their social media wall and use #MoMoPayMyBill, tell us what bill they have paid and for how much.
    • Tag MTN Eswatini and tag three friends
    • You enter a draw to get up to E1k back
  • In July: Got The App? Share The App and win E1 000
    • Take a screenshot of your MoMo App
    • Post on their social media wall and use #GotTheMoMoApp.
    • Tag MTN Eswatini and tag three friends

We will be following these hashtags. Every week for 10 weeks, we will be giving lucky customers E1 000. 

Transact with MoMoPay and get back E2000. 

We will be following these hashtags. Every week for 10 weeks, we will be giving lucky customers E1 000. 

Transact with MoMoPay and get back E2000. 


Do the most transactions and win E5 000.

This monthly promotion is only open to registered agents throughout the country. 

How to win:

  • You must be a registered MTN MoMo Agent.
  • You have to meet your set target of MTN MoMo deposits and withdrawals to qualify for the draw. 

There will be one winner per region every month and each agent will get E5 000. 


Register and pay your staff using MTN MoMo and win E10 000.

This promotion is open to SME’s

How to win: 

  • Register your business on MTN MoMo.
  • Pay your staff through MTN MoMo.
  • One lucky business owner will be drawn for the prize each month.

Other lucky customers will win trolley dashes, shopping vouchers, smartphones and more. Merchants will not be left out as they could win for registering the highest MoMoPay transactions. 

Follow our social media pages or click the get info button below for more clarity and update

All Promo End Dates

  • All promotions shall close on the 22nd December 2021
  • All entries of active promotions shall close on the 19th December 2021


Stand a chance to win one of two Nissan NP200s when you Send Money on MoMo.

Each time you send money to your loved ones and acquaintances you stand a chance to win one of two Nissan NP200s cars currently up for grabs.

How To Enter

  • Make sure you are registered on MTN MoMo
  • Send an SMS MoMo10 to 7000 to enter (opt-in)
  • Send Money monthly: with a minimum of E200 (or more) per transaction to be part of the draw

Terms and Conditions

  • The promo is applicable to personal MoMo account holders. Businesses/merchants, retailers, and agents are not eligible.
  • A participant is only eligible for one win during the course of the promo
  • There are no limits to the number of entries an individual may have

Mobile TV with Eswatini TV App

Watch your favourite shows everywhere you go with access to the latest and freshest local content, all accessible from your mobile device. From the latest news, favourite sports to the hottest shows, the local content world is your oyster; download the Eswatini TV app from the play store o follow the link : https://tinyurl.com/mj3awex4 to get started.

Do The Most Promo

Tag team 2021 and do the most with your best friend forever and stand a chance to win prizes in the form of smartphones, Mr Price vouchers and MTN MoMo funds.

How To Win

  • Step 1
    Download the following three apps: Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Make sure your friend (the one you are entering the promo with) has the apps installed as well: If you had downloaded them prior (had them installed already) then no sweat, head on over to step two.
  • Step 2
    Once you both have the apps installed, send a WhatsApp message to 76060247 with your numbers and screenshots proving that the apps are on your devices/phones. This message needs to be sent only once as a means of entering.
  • Step 3
    Now that you have entered the promo, you and your friend need to maintain a daily usage on the apps (either staying in touch or sharing your moments) to increase your chances of winning on the weekly draw.

Prizes and Draw

Winners will be announced on a weekly draw where the prizes are as follows:

  • First Prize: two Smartphones for you and your friend
  • Second Prize: Mr Prize vouchers valued at E500
  • Third Prize: MTN MoMo valued at E200

MTN Eswatini’s Chief Consumer Officer, Sam Shongwe, shares insights and outlook of MoMo

About seven years later after the introduction of MoMo in 2011 by Swazi MTN, the service has grown exponentially to hit E100 million in circulation on a monthly basis.

However, during the early stages of its introduction, only a few people believed in its growth prospects. MTN Eswatini’s Chief Consumer Officer Sam Shongwe, who was leading the pack during the introduction of MoMo, shares his experience which is characterised by mixed emotions in the following question and answer session.

Q: When was MoMo launched?

A: The service was launched on May 2, 2011.

Q: How many distributors were there when the service was launched?

A: Initially, when we started the only distributors available to us were traditional distributors, who had been distributing airtime all along. We , therefore, had to create a new channel and started recruiting MoMo agents across the country. We currently have over 3400 agents within the channel inclusive of the airtime distributors and vendors.

Q: What was the vision for MoMo?

A: The vision for MoMo was, and continues to be a key payment solution in the Kingdom of Eswatini. It is one key tool that has contributed immensely towards Financial Inclusion in the country. According to the FinScope Report 2015, MoMo contributed 21% towards Financial Inclusion since its launch in 2011. It is estimated that this figure has grown significantly over the past three years with the growth of Mobile Money.

Q: Did you actually believe that this was a viable product?

A: Most definitely. However, it was very difficult, and uptake was slow especially during the first few years after the launch of the service to convince our customers as well as key stakeholders like airtime distributors. I knew that MoMo would succeed and be

In the not so far future, all subscribers will be active on MoMo as we integrate with other financial service providers such as commercial banks and microfinance institutions.