As Eswatini Arts and Music Association (SWAMA) celebrates 40 years of existence, it notes that partnering with Swazi MTN for the inaugural SWAMA Awards is a major milestone for the association.

Swazi MTN generously injected E474 000 sponsorship towards the hosting of the first edition of the MTN SWAMA Awards, which at the time, was the biggest sponsorship for any music awards shows in the history of such awards in the country.

In 2018, Swazi MTN beat their own record by announcing E700 000 sponsorship for the second edition of the MTN SWAMA Awards, which became the biggest sponsorship ever in the history of art awards in the country.

“To ensure growth and inclusivity, the new sponsorship saw the addition of six new categories to the already 19 that were existing, which brings the total number of categories to 25,” said Dlamini.

The ball towards the hosting of the awards, which are scheduled for December 1, 2018, is already underway. Swazi MTN has also freely made available an SMS and USSD based platforms, where members of the public send their nominations, and votes as well.

“Swazi MTN has always prioritized arts development in Eswatini, as arts and culture forms part of the MTN Foundation’s pillars. The mutual relations between Swazi MTN and SWAMA have been a positive stimulant in the arts and music sector and will continue to bear fruits.

“As Swazi MTN celebrates 20 years of unmatched service, SWAMA would like to congratulate the shareholders, the board of directors, the management, and all MTNers for this milestone. We wish you many more years of success as you move the country towards a bold and better world,” he said