It is about 15 years now since Swazi MTN started sponsoring soccer through the Premier League of Eswatini (PLS) in 2004, Eswatini National Football Association of Swaziland President Adam ‘Bomber’ Mthethwa says the company has remained the most prestigious sponsor to date.

Though other companies have also joined in over the years, Mthethwa said the TN Premier League sponsorship remains the most prestigious in the sense that, MTN is the only sponsor whose sponsorship covers the whole year.

“Their competition is the league, and the league is about consistency. Even the champion becomes the most consistent team of the year. That is why we can firmly say Swazi MTN has immensely contributed to the consistent development of soccer in the country.” When Swaziland Breweries withdrew its long-term sponsorship, MTN came at a very opportune time in 2004 and injected E300 000 to the PLS.

The arrival of Swazi MTN was also valuable because they came with an improved offer for the elite league. “As Swazi MTN celebrates 20 years of existence in the Kingdom this year, this means that they have been sponsoring soccer for almost three-quarters of these years, and sponsorship has been increasing,” said Mthethwa.

He said this has improved the livelihood of the PLS, teams, and players. “This is because the sponsorship went beyond the prize money. It also contributed towards running the PLS office, especially the administration of the PLS.” The Premier League also serves as a barometer to measure the standard of soccer in the country. The support of the PLS by Swazi MTN has resulted in the country’s league to be ranked 14th best in Africa.

“We have to really thank MTN for these results. This is the result of their sponsorship and efforts.”