The first season of Eswatini’s pulsating music talent show kicked off in the kingdom on with auditions being held across all four corners of Eswatini (each region being afforded the chance to showcase their talent for the opportunity get put on The Spotlight).

With over 800 applicants in total showing up and thirty of them making the cut on Canary Day 👉🏽: to advance to the elimination stages. 

It has been truly an epic journey with each of the contestant laying it all on the stage and watching you, Eswatini carry your favourite contestant’s through. And finally crowning your Superstar in season one, hailing all the way down south in the Shiselwelni region, Nsika aka Lucid Musiq  👉🏽:!

All we can say is this is only the beginning of this pulsating movement and best believe that you will get to put someone else on in season two coming soon.

In the meantime, do yourself a solid and keep those moja pulsating vibes flowing by dialling *411# and of course follow the link 👉🏽:  to stay in the loop and keep your hand on the pulse.