Roaming Terms and Conditions


I, the undersigned, do hereby acknowledge that I have read the terms and conditions contained in the application and I have understood such terms and conditions and agreed to be bound thereby.

  1. In the event that MTN Swaziland requires me to provide a deposit as security for the payment of the network service identified above and supplied by MTN Swaziland to me, then the terms set below shall apply in relation to such deposits.
  2. If applying for international roaming for the first time, a deposit of E1000 (excluding VAT) may be required prior international roaming is granted. MTN Swaziland may, acting reasonably, refuse to grant you international roaming if you do not provide this deposit within the required period.
  3. To the extent allowed by law, if you require international roaming for more than 4 weeks, MTN Swaziland may require you to provide a deposit in an amount decided by MTN Swaziland in its reasonable discretion.
  4. This deposit will be credited to the subscriber account three (3) months after activating the facility or paying the deposit.
  5. Any amount held by MTN Swaziland on my behalf as a deposit for the purposes referred to in 1 above, shall not attract any interest and accordingly MTN Swaziland shall not be liable to me for any interest payments on the amount so held;
  6. MTN Swaziland shall, in its discretion, be entitled to retain the deposit for as long as it deems it necessary as security for the fulfillment of my obligations vis-a-vis the payment of the network service requested. Accordingly, I shall not be entitled to require the return of such deposit from MTN Swaziland unless the network service has terminated and all and any amounts which are due by me to MTN Swaziland have been fully paid. In the event of any such amounts being unpaid, MTN Swaziland shall be entitled to offset the amounts due with the deposits on hand and, in the event that any balance remains from the deposit, MTN Swaziland shall only be obliged to pay such balance over to me. MTN Swaziland shall be entitled to make this payment in any manner determined by it from time to time.
  1. Roaming rates and charges
  2. Customers shall pay standard MTN International roaming and dialling rates when either roaming abroad with MTNs roaming partners with an MTN SIM or when making a call to any of the international destinations offered by MTN;
  3. Please note that data usage, including all Blackberry services, outside of Swaziland borders is chargeable at international data roaming tariffs applicable to the visited country.
  4. The customer will be billed up to 90days period for all roaming charges, depending on when the invoice has been received from the roaming partner.