Tag team 2021 and do the most with your best friend forever and stand a chance to win prizes in the form of smartphones, Mr Price vouchers and MTN MoMo funds.

How To Win

  • Step 1
    Download the following three apps: Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Make sure your friend (the one you are entering the promo with) has the apps installed as well: If you had downloaded them prior (had them installed already) then no sweat, head on over to step two.
  • Step 2
    Once you both have the apps installed, send a WhatsApp message to 76060247 with your numbers and screenshots proving that the apps are on your devices/phones. This message needs to be sent only once as a means of entering.
  • Step 3
    Now that you have entered the promo, you and your friend need to maintain a daily usage on the apps (either staying in touch or sharing your moments) to increase your chances of winning on the weekly draw.

Prizes and Draw

Winners will be announced on a weekly draw where the prizes are as follows:

  • First Prize: two Smartphones for you and your friend
  • Second Prize: Mr Prize vouchers valued at E500
  • Third Prize: MTN MoMo valued at E200