Check your orders to see when your product will be delivered


A valid account is required to checkout. Once you have logged in and added the item to your cart you will need to finalise your order with a shipping method ( delivery or collection) which may require address details.

What are the delivery options available on your online store?

Currently there are 3 options for delivery.
1. Courier delivery to your door
2. Collection at a post office*
3. Collection at your nearest MTN store
*Please note this includes a courier fee

What is the estimated delivery time for my order?

A purchase with delivery selected takes 24 hours maximum for a standard delivery option, while items ordered with premium delivery will arrive in 12 hours. If you opted for collection your order will be available within 3 days.

What should I do if my delivery is delayed or hasn't arrived?

Once you have checked the delivery status on your account dashboard and it shows as 'on transit' but has still not been delivered after 24 hours, Please contact Phutfumani on 24052500/6 or 78028765. make sure you have your tracking number when you make the call.


If you visit your account dashboard find an order history section and you will be able to see ‘track order’ buttons under each order you have made. Tracking information is available in each order.


When your order has been delivered you may be required to present your tracking number that is available once the order has been placed.