Y’ello, and Good Day Everyone,

Thank you for joining us for our e-Press Conference today in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak.

First of all, I would like to commend His Majesty King Mswati III for his visionary leadership in this difficult time, and for swiftly declaring a State of Emergency in response to the Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak.

May I also applaud His Majesty’s Government for the rapid response on the preventive fight against the virus.

We at MTN are here today to further affirm that; we are going to work very closely with government and the public in the fight against Coronavirus.

In line with our 2020 brand theme, “We’re Good Together,” which speaks to working together with government and everyone to make Eswatini flourish, we have decided to put in place unique offers and measures to assist the nation in this difficult time.

We have realized that this is the time for all Emaswati to come together and fight against the spread of Coronavirus. Because alone we can do so little; but together we can do so much.

With that said, we are complimenting government’s Coronavirus sensitization drive with the following initiatives:

SMS & Voice

SMS broadcast for the Ministry of Health. Our customers have started receiving educational SMSes from the Ministry of Health as we speak. You will also be receiving MTN educational and awareness content via SMS and on Social Media.

Free USSD platform (*268#) for our customers to access content on the Corona Virus, as well as set a free callertune to broadcast educational content.

Free Weekly 15 SMS Bundle for MTN Customers that have been active on the network for the past 30 days.

Free calls for identified health workers to enable immediate support.


Study Bundles to assist pupils and students to keep up with their studies. MTN has introduced three heavily discounted data bundles for students to use for their studies.

Work from home bundles have been designed for individuals and organizations that would want their staff to work from home during this time. These heavily discounted bundles work between 9am and 5pm.

These bundles will be available on the new USSD code *268#, *007#, MyMTN and MoMo App.

MTN is also giving all MTN customers 100% bonus when they purchase any wow bundle. The bonus can be used between 11pm and 5am.


MTN MoMoPay – All payments through MoMo are free.

Free transfers between MoMo and bank accounts (Limited to partner banks).

MoMo customers will get free send money transactions up to E100.

These initiatives are to encourage our customers to avoid using cash as this comes with the risk of transmitting the virus. There are over 1 000 outlets that accept MTN MoMoPay as a form of payment across the country. So we strongly believe that making this service free of charge, can go a long way in the fight against the virus.

We are also playing our part in reducing Coronavirus transmission internally through a number of measures that include; working from home, self-isolation, and hygiene. We have also banned international travel and limited domestic travel.

We have also ensured that our network is up and running to enable efficient communication and we have dedicated engineers who will keep the connectivity lights on.

In conclusion, we invite all Emaswati to come together and fight against the spread of the Coronavirus in Eswatini.

Thank you so much for paying attention.

I am sure that together, as a nation, if we work together in a spirit of partnership, we can overcome this and come out stronger together as one.

Stay devoted to MTN Eswatini, we are, #HereForYou and #GoodTogether.


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