In a quest to celebrate our customers this summer, MTN Eswatini has introduced another game that lets users make money while having fun. Users get to subscribe and answer 5 questions daily and can request more questions if they want to increase their points and better their chances of winning.

Call & win is based on a multiple choice quiz and all MTN Eswatini subscribers who are 18 years and older are eligible to take part in this quiz.

How the game works

  • Dial 369 and get a voice prompt explaining the service and how to activate it OR send “SUBD” to 369
  • Press 1 to activate the service and choose the subscription plan
  • Press 1 to start playing
    • You’ll then receive 5 daily quiz multiple choice questions to answer
    • After answering the 5 questions, you’ll receive feedback on your responses
    • If after answering the 5 questions you feel you want to keep playing, you can dial 369 and request more questions to increase your points
  • You get 10 seconds to answer each question
  • Subscription renewal is automatic if you haven’t unsubscribed

Users can unsubscribe any time they want to by sending “STOP” to 369

Subscription Amount

Daily Subscription – E1.50

Weekly Subscription – E7.00

Extra Questions – E1.50


Prizes to be Won

  • Daily Prizes
    • E1 000 for top winner
    • E50 airtime for 5 runners-up
  • Grand Prize
    • Choose between E100 000 or a Box with a surprise gift


Terms and Conditions



  • Call and Win is authorized and regulated by the Gaming commission of Eswatini.
  • The platform of Call and Win are offered by Black N Green
  • The T’s & Cs constitute a binding agreement between Participant and Call N Win.
  • The participant must fully understand and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein and may be amended by Call N Win from time to time.



  • The platform is open to all MTN subscribers who are 18 years of age and above.



  • The platform is accessed by dialing the short code IVR 369 for all MTN subscribers.
  • Participants that are 18 years of age and above are eligible to play.
  • A participant dials the short code IVR 369 and is presented with 5 daily quiz multiple choice questions and receives feedback after answering each question.
  • The participant can again dial 369 after finishing the first 5 questions to add more 5 questions which will give him the opportunity to add points
  • Subscriber can send “STOP” to 369 whenever they feel like unsubscribing to the service.



  • Daily winners – E50 Airtime @E5 winners
  • Daily top winner prize – E1000.00 MOMO for top daily winner
  • Grand prize winner, participant choses between box and money (E100 000)


Player obligation

  • Participant activates the service on their mobile handset by sending “SUBD” to 369 or can also dial IVR short code 369.
  • Participation is at a player own behalf and not on the behalf of any other person.
  • A participant understands that by participating on the 369 platform, there will be daily of weekly charge occurrences.
  • The participant is notified of the available game sessions for the day via SMS.
  • The game shall be accessed only via the short code 369
  • Each game session is a collection of 5 quiz questions that have a set of 4 multiple choice answers to choose from. Participant has a window of 10 seconds to answer asked question.
  • The participant is required to key in the option correspondent to their desired choice to answer.
  • No input from the user within 10 seconds is also considered as an incorrect answer.
  • For an incorrect answer, the participant is quickly followed by an IVR prompt which gives participant a chance to continue with the following left questions.
  • Subscription is automatically renewed for the next day.




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