• It’s a bundle that will be available for tourists 
  • There are 3 bundle options as below 
  • The customer will buy a starter pack that will come with the E99 bundle attached with it. 
  • To access all the other bundles, the customer (tourist) must have bought the preloaded starter pack that has the E99 value of tourist bundle. 
  • The offer will be on 686 but only visible to the ones who have been preloaded with the E99 bundle.  
  • The bundles are as below 
  • The customer will not be able to buy for B on this tourist bundle.
ValidityTariffIntl Voice MOUOnnet MOUDATA (GB)
Weekly 1SZL 99.0015451GB 
Weekly 2SZL 150.0015502GB
Weekly 3SZL 299.0030505GB

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