The bundle that will keep you connected and updated on what’s happening with your acquaintances and the world as a whole on your favourite social media platform. Your plug in ensuring that you are always on the pulse and dodging FOMO.

Product ValidityData BundlesPrice
All-in-One Bundle Daily30MBE5
All-in-One BundleWeekly150MBE20
All-in-One BundleMonthly500MBE50
Study BundlesMonthly500MBE10
Study BundlesMonthly1GBE20
Study BundlesMonthly3GBE50
Tik Tok BundlesDaily1000MBE5
Tik Tok BundlesWeekly5000MBE20
Tik Tok BundlesMonthly1GBE50

How To Buy

  • Dial *686*1# and select option 2) Social Bundles (or dial *686*1*2#)
  • Get them on the MyMTN App or MoMo App


Make sure you access the official platforms to ensure a moja experience:
YouTube 👉🏽:
WhatsApp 👉🏽:
Facebook 👉🏽:
Instagram 👉🏽:

Study Bundles may be used on the following sites:

More about the terms and conditions here 👉🏾:

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