This is a combination of bundles (Voice and Data) that the business has built for the youth on the prepaid platform only. The bundles’ validity will be mainly daily and weekly, with the exception of Pulse pro that has a monthly validity. These bundles are on *411# which is a separate USSD string for the youth to access. The menu will be divided into 3 categories which are: 

  1. mPulse – this menu will be targeting the teens who are less than 16 years.  Customers who buy a bundle from this menu will get 5 free minutes. The 5 free minutes will be valid for either a day if the customer has bought a daily bundle and valid for a week if the customer has bought for a week. 
  2. Pulse – this menu will be targeting the youth base from 17-25 years. The freebie for them will be free Twitter and the validity will depend on the bundle bought, if it’s a weekly bundle then freebie will last for a week and if a daily bundle is bought then freebie will last for a day.  
  3. Pulse Pro – these are already existing bundles on the Post-paid platform, we will copy the same bundles and add them on the Pulse menu targeting the customers above 25 years. The freebie for this will also be free twitter and will be valid for a month.  

An elaboration of the bundles is below: 

ValidityPrice (E) OptionsMINMB
Daily 5Option 1 20 10
Daily 5Option 2 5 25
Daily 10Option 140 30
Daily 10Option 21550
Weekly 15Option 1 6050
Weekly 15Option 2 30100
Weekly 20Option 19080
Monthly50Option 150500
Monthly160Option 1 (Pulse Pro)1001024
Monthly200Option 2 (Pulse Pro)2001536

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