Terms and Conditions:



1. Campaign 

This Competition is organized by Mobile Telephone Networks (Proprietary) Limited (“MTN Eswatini”) and GU Mobile Digital Services FZ-LLC (the “Promoter/s”). MTN Eswatini customers who subscribe to the Mega Promo service will receive a daily content message, daily points & a 5-question quiz game, awarding them with points for the prize draws. 

2. Prizes 

  1.  Daily Prizes: 50 winners/ day (SZL 5 – Telco prize 100MB with Daily Validity) 
  2. Weekly Prizes: 10 winners/ week (SZL 1,000 – Grocery Voucher each) 
  3. Monthly Prizes: 3 winners/ month (SZL 10,000 – via MoMo each) 

3. Campaign Period 

The Competition commences on the 01/10/2022 and will continue until the 31/12/2022 (duration 3 months). 

4. Who May Enter

a. To be eligible to enter, the entrant must:

  1. i. Be an MTN subscriber (Pre-Paid / Postpaid). 
  2. ii. Participate in the daily subscription service. 
  3. iii. Be a natural person. 
  4. iv. Be 18 years or older. 

b. Subscribers can enter the promotion as many times as they wish. 

c. Participation in this Competition excludes employees, directors, members, partners, consultants, and agents of, or any other person who, directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the Promoter/s or marketing service providers of this Competition, (and the spouses, life partners, immediate family members or business partners of the people or entities listed above. This means:

  1. i. the Promoter/s; 
  2. ii. supplier/s of goods and or services in terms of this Competition; and 
  3. iii. promotional partners, printers, advertising and promotional agencies, professional advisors and point of sale staff employed by or contracted to, or providing goods or services of any kind, to all the people or entities listed above during the Competition Period. 


d. All participants of the “Smagamaga” and “Walala Wasala” promotions will be able to carry on their participation to the “Dlala Sibone” promotion. 

e. Winners are only entitled to win 1 (one) Prize per each category type, regardless of the season/version of the promo. For example, MSISDN 7644xxxx who has been a monthly winner in version 1 won’t be eligible to win in version 2 in the same category. 


5. How to Enter

a. During the Competition Period, the entrants that meet all the criteria referred to in clause

4.a. above must do the following to stand a chance to win:

  • i. MTN Subscribers must register to the Mega Promo subscription service by 
        • • Sending YES, JOIN, WIN or their aliases to 7080 for SZL 0.99 / day or 
        • • Dialing the USSD code *7080*1# for SZL 0.99 / day. 
        • ii. By joining the Mega Promo subscription service, subscribers will receive points counting for the prizes, daily SMS content of “Did you know” facts and access to a first free 5-questions quiz game accessible via SMS. 
        • iii. The Mega Promo subscription service cost is SZL 0.99/day. 
        • iv. Subscribers may request/ purchase on demand sets of 5 questions up to 40 times/ day, by sending the keyword MORE or PLAY or their aliases to 7080, at the cost of SZL 0.99/ 5-questions set, to play and increase their points. 
        • v. Subscribers may also request/ purchase on demand points up to 100 times/ day, by sending the keyword GO or its aliases to 7080 (E 0.99/ SMS) & win 100 points upon every successful purchase. 

b. Entry by intelligent devices (e.g. modems, telemetry devices) or machines shall not be permitted for entry and will not be eligible for Prizes. 

c. Subscription:

  1. i. MTN subscribers may subscribe to the daily subscription service either by sending: YES, JOIN, WIN or their aliases to 7080 or by dialing the USSD code *7080*1# . The daily subscription cost is SZL 0.99/ day. The subscriber will get the daily content & access to the 5-questions quiz game (via SMS). 
  2. ii. Daily subscription service points: by joining the daily subscription service for SZL 0.99/day, the subscriber receives 20 points. With the daily subscription renewal of SZL 0.99, the subscriber is awarded with another 20 points. In a case the system finds a user with a low balance, the system will try to charge the user with SZL 0.50. In this case the user gets half points, e.g. 10 points. 
  3. iii. 5-questions Quiz game points: when playing the 5-questions Quiz game, the participant receives 20 points for each correct answer. Each wrong answer awards 5 points. 
  4. iv. All questions, either free or paid (on demand), expire every day at 23:59:59. 
  5. v. To participate in the Daily Draws subscribers must have received at least one point from subscription or the 5-questions quiz game on that day. 
  6. vi. To participate in the Weekly Draws subscribers must have received at least one point from subscription or the 5-questions quiz game during the respective week. 
  7. vii. The draws for Daily & Weekly prizes will be 100% random and not based on the number of participant’s total points. 
  8. viii. To participate in the Monthly Draws subscribers must have received at least one point from subscription or the 5-questions quiz game from the beginning of the extension period during the respective monthly draw. 
  9. ix. Subscribers for the Monthly Prize draws will receive entries based on the points accumulated. A subscriber’s opportunity to win in the draws increases as that subscriber increases his / her points. The Monthly prizes will be awarded to the “Top Scorers” of the respective month (based on their number of points). 

d. Opt-out / Deregistering / Unsubscribing / Help: 

*Points will be reset every time a new promo period starts. 

      1. i. For information regarding the service the customer may text “HELP” to 7080 for free, or dial *7080*1# . 
      2. ii. For canceling their subscription to the service, the subscriber may text “STOP” to 7080 for free. 
      3. iii. Subscribers can opt in/out of the promotion as they wish. Accumulated points will not be lost if a subscriber opts out. Should a subscriber opt ins again, they will reclaim their original points balance in full. 
      4. e. Once the qualifying entrant has fulfilled the requirements of clause 4 above, he / she will automatically enter the lucky draws. 
      5. f. The lucky draws shall take place as follows:
        i. Daily Prizes: The eligibility time frame for the daily prizes will starts every day at 00:00:00 and end on the same day at 23:59:59. The daily prizes will be awarded every day from the beginning of the campaign until the last day of the project.
        ii. Weekly Prize & Monthly Prize shall take place on the following dates:  g. Winners will be notified telephonically by a representative of the promotion.
        h. By entering the competition, all entrants give their consent to use their name and/or photograph in MTN’s SMS, banners and / or social media and on promotion’s website (www.mtnwalalawasala.com), should they be selected as Winners. 

        1. i. Winners’ names and/or photographs will be announced on MTN’s SMS, banners and / or social media and on promotion’s website (www.mtnwalalawasala.com). 

 6. The Prizes

a. Entrants that fulfil the requirements stated in clause 4 above, stand a chance to win: 

b. The Prize shall be deposited by the Competition’s organizers to specific exchange centers, through which the winners will be able to withdraw their money. Prizes may be received by a representative of the winner by proxy only upon duly signed and authenticated by the court of Swaziland. 

7. General

a. If necessary and if required by law or beyond the reasonable control of the Competition’s organizers, the Competition’s organizers reserve the right to vary the nature of the Competition, the Prize, or these terms and conditions upon notice in this regard being published on (www.mtnwalalawasala.com) or in another appropriate medium. If the Prize is limited or changed, the Competition’s organizers shall replace the Prize with a prize of a similar economic value. 

b. With regard to clause 7.a. above, any amended terms and conditions published in any media, or on the MTN website (www.mtn.co.sz/) will form part of the terms and conditions of the Competition, to which terms the entrants agree to be bound. 

c. Winners shall only be contacted on weekdays (Monday – Friday) during working hours, with public holidays and weekends excluded. 

d. MTN Eswatini or the competition’s representative will attempt to contact the winner for a period of two working days after his or her name is drawn as a winner. In the event that the winner is uncontactable or in the event that the winner rejects, or declines acceptance of the Prize, the Prize shall be offered to another eligible winner. 

e. If the Prize is monetary, then it is not transferable, not exchangeable for another prize and cannot be sold. In the case of non-cash Prizes (e.g., handsets, electronics) and for convenience and speed of the prize delivery, winners may choose to receive the cash value of the non-cash prize they have won – a cash value which shall be exclusively defined by the competition’s representative based on the market rates of the corresponding prize item at the time of the prize delivery. 

f. The Competition’s organizers reserve the right to withhold the Prize until it is entirely confirmed that the claimant of the Prize is the bona fide winner and reserves the right to call for such proof as it may deem necessary. 

g. By entering this Competition, entrants signify their consent to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein. 

h. Winners shall be required to sign an acknowledgement of acceptance and receipt of the Prize. 


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