MTN Sponsored Data

Whether it’s giving your clients access to your enterprises’ online and digital resources at no data charge or ensuring that the learning experience is flawless by letting students, teachers, and parents access the institute’s online facilities at no data charge: MTN Sponsored Data is the solution best fit to usher your business/school into the realm of living at the edge of tomorrow.


How much

Volume Tariff – Retail Tariff – Schools
Sponsored Data <10GB                           450                                400
Sponsored Data  <25GB                           850                                800
Sponsored Data  <50GB                        1,350                             1,300
Sponsored Data <100GB                        2,200                             2,000
 Sponsored Data <200GB                        3,500                             3,300
 Sponsored Data <500GB                        8,000                             7,800
OOB                           0.49                               0.49


MTN E-Mfundvo

Enter a bold new digital way of learning within the new normal with a teaching and learning platform which seamlessly facilitates the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of education courses. With a platform that instructors, parents, and students can access at no data charge through their mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.


How much

  • E1500 School Subscription Fee
  • E30 Student Subscription Fee
  • No data will be charged to access content hosted on Fundza Portal
  • Additional data may be needed for breakout sites e.g., Zoom, YouTube, etc.
  • Available E-Learning offers for Breakouts:
Bundle Size Cost- E-learning Wow Bundle Cost
1GB E50 E99
3GB E150 3.5GB@E350
5GB E250 6GB@E500
15GB E750 20GB@E1000


What you get

  • Server Maintenance
  • Training
  • Backoffice Support
  • Data costs
  • Key Account Management


How it works

  • Setup up your departments and subjects on the platform.
  • Add teachers and students to the subjects/courses.
  • Set the course material as either a resource or an activity.
  • A resource is an item that the student views, listens to, reads, or downloads.
  • An activity is an item that the student interacts with, or that enables the student to interact with the teacher or other students.
  • Add basic course material
  • In most online courses, the core material consists of web pages that the students view.
  • These pages can contain text, graphics, movies, sound files, games, exercises— anything that can appear on the World Wide Web can appear on a Moodle web page
  • Make your courses interactive between the student and the teacher, or the student and an active web page.
  • Evaluate your students through creating quiz questions, sharing quiz questions with other courses, adding feedback to questions and quizzes, and more.
  • Make your course social with chats and forums.
  • Add collaborative activities to create new material. For example, you can create glossaries that are site-wide, and glossaries that are specific to a single course. Students can add to the glossaries. You can also allow students to contribute to and edit a wiki in class.
  • Manage and extend your subjects/courses by using cohorts, or site-wide groups, to mass-enroll students into courses.
  • Take the pulse of your course – the system offers several tools to help teachers administer and deliver courses.
  • It keeps detailed access logs that enable the teachers to see exactly what content the students access, and when.
  • It also enables the teachers to establish custom grading scales, which are available site-wide or for a single course.
  • Student grades can be accessed online and can also be downloaded in a variety of formats (including spreadsheet).
  • Finally, teachers can collaborate in special forums (bulletin boards) reserved just for them.


How schools set up

  • School visits
  • Set up departments and subjects
  • Add users and assign them as teachers and students
  • Assign teachers to courses
  • Course enrolment – how to give students access to the course
  • Course set up
  • Set course material, either a resource or an activity


Online enrollment for student

  • Parent visits:
  • Parent fills in details about themselves and the applicant.
  • The parent also uploads essential documents like ID’s and previous results
  • Application is submitted and directed to the school administrator who will receive an email
  • Applications’ information and submitted documents are visible on the administrator portal.
  • Feedback to parents will be via an email or telephone call
  • Schools can accept, reject or place applicants on the waiting list via this portal


Terms and Conditions

  • Access platform through
  • The virtual learning portal is zero-rated.
  • The monthly school fee is E1,500 for accessing the portal to upload content for all classes and all subjects.
  • The student fee is E30 per student per month.
  • Payment is done through MoMo and EFT (Terms and Conditions of that bank apply).
  • Schools need to be registered on Mobile Money for direct payments with an option to be paid via MTN and MTN transfers to the school.
  • Any of the following devices can be used to access the portal: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers.



MTN E-Learning

A solution for your institution to strive within the new normal. With a data bundle to keep learners and teachers connected seamlessly and living at the edge of tomorrow.


How it works

Your school has to sign up for the MTN e-learning bundles solution with our Key accounts Managers. During which the students’ numbers will be submitted.



MTN E-Learning Bundles
Bundle Validity Price
1GB Monthly E50
3GB Monthly E150
5GB Monthly E250
15GB Monthly E750


How to buy on postpaid *687#

  • Dial *687#
  • Select option 1 – Data Bundles
  • Select option 4 – Postpaid E-Learning Bundles
  • Select option 1 – Subscribe Once off
  • Select option 1 – E-Learning (select data bundle of choice)
  • Select option 1 – Buy for Self
  • Select option 1 – Airtime


How to buy on prepaid *686#

  • Dial *686#
  • Select option 1 – Internet/DataBundles
  • Select option 5 – Other Bundles
  • Select option 5 – E-Learning Bundles
  • Select option 2 – Subscribe to Auto-renewal
  • Select option 1 – E-learning (select data bundle of choice)
  • Select option 1 – Buy for Self
  • Select option 1 – Airtime


How to view your balance

  • Postpaid: dial *687#
  • Prepaid: dial *686*5#


Terms and Conditions

  • MTN E-Learning bundles will only be accessible to students whose numbers have been submitted to the Key Account Manager
  • Each E-learning data bundle is valid for 30 days. Meaning it will expire 30 days after being purchased and cannot be carried over to the next month (30 days)
  • The data bundles are available on postpaid (*687#) and prepaid (*686#)
  • The data balance check may be made on *686*5# for prepaid customers and *687# for postpaid customers
  • MTN E-Learning bundles will take priority for your data usage. Meaning they will deplete first over all activated data bundles on your number.
  • You can purchase multiple data bundles at a time
  • The buy for someone option is not available (strictly available for numbers that have been submitted)
  • You have the option of buying a data bundle once-off or selecting the auto-renewal option