MTN Sponsored Data

Whether it’s giving your clients access to your enterprises’ online and digital resources at no data charge or ensuring that the learning experience is flawless by letting students, teachers, and parents access the institute’s online facilities at no data charge: MTN Sponsored Data is the solution best fit to usher your business/school into the realm of living at the edge of tomorrow.


How much

Volume Tariff – Retail Tariff – Schools
Sponsored Data <10GB                           450                                400
Sponsored Data  <25GB                           850                                800
Sponsored Data  <50GB                        1,350                             1,300
Sponsored Data <100GB                        2,200                             2,000
 Sponsored Data <200GB                        3,500                             3,300
 Sponsored Data <500GB                        8,000                             7,800
OOB                           0.49                               0.49