MTN Global MPLS VPN as a service is a private network that connects major cities across Africa and the rest of the world. The network comprises of Global PoP’s (MTN & Partner NNI’s) across 25 MTN markets and multiple Global Markets connecting MTN clients across Africa and the Rest of the World.

MTN GMPLS is a solution for enterprise customers (mostly Multi-National Corporations) who have offices in different locations locally and internationally, allowing them to use a world-class network to link their offices together.

Key features:

  • Offers traffic prioritization on per application basis through 5 Classes of Service.
  • End to End Service Level Agreements (SLAs on Service Availability, RTT, Packet loss, Jitter).
  • Provides forwarding guarantees through bandwidth reservation on shared but secure IP infrastructure.
  • About 25 countries with a Point-of-Presence (PoP), allowing the network to connect various sites across multiple geographies.
  • Global MPLS is managed on one world class seamless managed network with a Global Network Operation Centre (GNOC) which monitors the network 24/7.

Other critical details:

  • MTN GMPLS PoP are available across the MTN footprint and other partners in other countries. Below is a non-conclusive list of countries where this service is available.


A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network (internet) and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

Possible applications of the MTN Swaziland VPN.

  • Access MTN Swaziland SIM cards from a private network.
  • Access SIM cards on an MTN Swaziland Private APN network from a non MTN network via the internet.
  • Connect to MTN Swaziland’s private VAS systems like the SMSC (for A2P and A2A SMS services) and USSD gateway for USSD based applications.
  • Connect to MTN Mobile Money system for integration with Mobile Money.

Other critical details:


  • The customer needs to have connection to a public network – the internet (from any ISP) with a static IP address.
  • MTN Swaziland uses SHA 1 hashing algorithm for the encryption of data on the VPN link.

Support channels

  • Normal MTN support channels

How to Apply for VPN:

  • Apply via your KAM or dial 78080001

Co-Location Hosting Services

This is a data centre where companies can rent space, equipment as well as bandwidth for computing services. The MTN co-location hosting services will provide your company with physical security, space, cooling, and power for your servers and networking equipment. This service will keep your company connected to this network for an affordable amount. This will grow your business with the agility and the edge it needs to meet your customer demands.

MTN Co-Location Features

  • Outsourced Data Centre
  • Round the clock support
  • Available network resources
  • Cost Savings


MTN Co-Location Benefits

  • Reliable power availability
  • Premise Security
  • High uptime/ availability
  • Efficient running costs


For more info on our data centre solutions and details on the solution that will best meet your enterprise’s needs kindly send us an email at

Postpaid Roaming

Please contact your Account Manager or go to the nearest MTN Service Centre (in Mbabane at the Corporate Place at Mastapha Big Tree Mall) to complete the roaming request form. There may be a security deposit that will be required. You may also submit your application form via email at  

Follow the link 👉🏽: for the extensive list of our roaming partners.

Roaming rates

Please note that roaming rates will apply at out of bundle tariffs set by the foreign network one is roaming on. Receipt of charges may be depicted on your bill within the course of three months (this will be upon receipt of them from the visited foreign service provider). Kindly contact your Account Manager for further details.   

Terms and conditions apply

Prepaid Roaming

You are in control of your roaming spend in over 12 countries. International roaming is available to all MTN Eswatini customers. Giving you the ability to travel with your number across the border whilst keeping you connected to contacts both at home in Eswatini and the rest of the world regardless of whether they are on prepaid or postpaid.

Getting started

Once at the border you have the following options to activate the service:

  • Dial *170# and select option 1 to get started
  • Dial *922# and select option 4 to get started
  • Dial *686# and select 8 (Other Services) then option 3 (Prepaid Roaming) to get started

Shortcuts include:

  • Dial *170*1# to activate the service. Dial *170*2# to deactivate the service. Dial *170*3# to manage your roaming status
  • Dial *922*4*1# to activate the service. Dial *922*4*2# to deactivate the service. Dial *922*4*3# to manage your roaming status
  • Dial *686*8*3*1# to activate the service. Dial *686*8*3*2# to deactivate the service. Dial *686*8*3*3# to manage your roaming status.

Countries where one can roam in and the operators that can be roamed on using their prepaid number: 

Continent Operator Country  Code
Africa MTN Cameroon 237
Africa Mascom Wireless Botswana 267
Africa MTN Cameroon 237
Africa MTN Congo 243
Africa MTN Ivory Coast 225
Africa Mcel (TDM) Mozambique 258
Africa Vodacom Mozambique 258
Africa Movitel Mozambique 258
Africa MTN Nigeria 234
Africa MTN Rwanda 250
Africa MTN South Africa 27
Africa Vodacom South Africa 27
Africa MTN Uganda 256
Africa MTN Zambia 260
Europe MTN Cyprus 357
Europe Vodafone Ireland 353

To Recharge

Did you know that you have access to your MoMo account when roaming? That means that all the in-house services are at your disposal; simply dial *007*5# to purchase airtime. 

Or use cellphone banking (Dial *140*40# –  Nedbank, *120*2345# – Standard Bank, *800# – Building Society, *130*321# – First National Bank). 

Stocking up on local MTN Eswatini voucher cards before leaving the country is also one way to approach it; where you can simply dial *555*Voucher# to refill.

Roaming Rates

Roaming Tariff Price
Service Current
Local voice E1.20
Voice call from Eswatini E1.80
Voce call to Eswatini E1.80
Data E0.99/MB
SMS local E1
SMS international E0.30