Top Up Bundles

Top Up Data Bundles

Fixed Data Bundles









Validity Price (E) Anytime Data Night Bonus


2 10mb 10mb
5 30mb 30mb
10 65mb 65mb




17 120mb 120mb
20 200mb 200mb
45 500mb 500mb
65 1GB 1GB
160 3GB 3GB





50 550mb 550mb
99 1.2GB 1.2GB
139 1.8GB 1.8GB
199 2.5GB 2.5GB
350 4.5GB 4.5GB
600 10GB 10GB
1000 20GB 20GB
1500 30GB 30GB

How to buy:

Dial *686*1*5# OR Dial *687*1#


Top Up Voice Bundles

Volume Tariff (E) Validity
30 minutes 5.00 Daily
45 minutes 7.00 Daily
70 minutes 10.00 Daily
90 minutes 15.00 Weekly
130 minutes 20.00 Weekly
180 minutes 25.00 Weekly
120 minutes 50.00 Monthly
200 minutes 80.00 Monthly
400 minutes 150.00 Monthly

How to buy:

Dial *686*4# OR Dial *687*2#


Top Up Bundles Terms and Conditions



MyChoice Package

MyChoice Package

1.MTN My Choice gives you the flexibility you desire. Our package is built around your needs and budget since it allows you to create packages that suits your lifestyle.

2.You are not required to take all 4 network options, that is, data, on-net voice, offnet voice, and SMS, you may elect to take only one or a combination of 2 or 3 or all 4.

3.All contracts are valid for 24 months.

4.Unused package offers are carried over to the following month, and they take precedence over the current month’s package offers. Total validity of each bundle is therefore 60days.


How to choose your package

1.Select the My Choice package that best suits your voice, data and SMS needs.

2.You are only eligible for a device only when the package has a network value of E350.

3.We offer you our device pricelist to choose your own desired gadget depending on your budget.

4.Your total payment will be the value of chosen bundles plus the handset value over 24 months.


MyChoice Packages

On-net Voice:

Minutes Price
300 216.60
520 370.50
745 513.00
1100 741.00
1500 969.00


Off-net Voice:

Volume Price (E)
50 35.00
100 70.00
200 140.00



Offer Price (Including VAT)
500MB E60.00
1GB E95.00
2GB E195.00
3GB E320.00
5.5GB E450.00
10GB E500.00
20GB E700.00
30GB E1,000.00
50GB E1,500.00
100GB E2,500.00




Price (E)










MyChoice Terms and Conditions

MTN Sisonkhe

In staying true to the belief that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern, connected life; the MTN Sisonkhe service has been ushered in to make our valued differently-abled customers’ lives a whole lot brighter💛.


How To Buy

  • Dial *524#
  • Dial *523*3# to view your balance


What You Get:

Text Bundles

Price Validity All-in-One Social SMS Caller Tunes
            10 Weekly                 100                    50 1
            25 Monthly                 500                  100 1


Voice Bundles

Price Validity On-net Min Off-net Min
            15 Weekly                   60                    20
            25 Monthly                 100                    30


Terms and Conditions

  • The MTN Sisonkhe offer is available for both prepaid and post-paid disabled customers.
  • Bundles validities are weekly and monthly.
  • The MTN Sisonkhe offer is exclusive to the differently-abled community [deaf and blind community only].
  • Multiple purchases are possible.
  • Purchase can be made via mobile money and airtime.
  • Customers should be able to buy for someone else [that number should be part of the differently-abled community].
  • Off-net minutes may be used to call other service providers locally [No international calls should be called using these bundles].
  • The balance check is available on *525*3#
  • Text bundles can be used for social networks (Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Facebook) and SMS only, SMS is local on-net. This excludes international SMS and shortcodes.

MTN Moja Offers

MTN Moja Offers

Enjoy bonus data and minutes on the MTN Moja Shop

The MTN Moja shop was created solely to give MTN customers the best of all world at affordable prices. Moja offers are personalized data and voice designed to suit your lifestyle and your pocket. These offers are tailored to your buying and usage pattern and also provide up to 100% bonus on your purchase. This simply means that the ‘extra’ data and minutes you’ll get are determined by your usual buying and usage activity.


Where is this MTN Moja Shop?

Though not a physical shop, the Moja shop deserves to be one of the shops that you visit daily for your communication needs. To access the Moja shop, dial *101# and follow the prompts.


What offers can I get?

The Moja shop offers a variety of data, voice and combo options. After dialling *101# you’ll see the different offers available. You can then choose the option you want:

  1. Combo Offers
  2. Data Offers
  3. Voice Offers
  4. Balance Check

*Note: Your menu may differ from the example menu above


Terms and Conditions: 

  1. MTN Moja Offers are available on *101#
  2. Moja offers are open to all MTN Eswatini prepaid customers
  3. Offers available for each individual vary
  4. One has access to data bundles, voice bundles and combos
  5. The actual offers differ depending on the individual’s usage on the network
  6. MTN Moja offers may be purchased using airtime or MoMo


So if you are an MTN customer with an active number on the network, you can start enjoying these MTN Moja offers today, Ts & Cs apply.



MTN (Zone) International Calling Bundles

Reach out to friends, family, acquaintances, and clients abroad with low international calling rates on MTN (Zone) International Calling bundles.

How to buy:

  • Dial *686*4*2# [for prepaid users]
  • Dial *687*4# [for postpaid/contract users]
  • Use the MyMTN app


Zone/Region Bundle Rate
SA/Moz 10min E35
SA/Moz 30min E99
Bot,Nam,Les,Uga 10min E55
Bot,Nam,Les,Uga 30min E155
Zambia, Zim 10min E70
Zambia, Zim 30min E210
Rest of Africa 10min E40
Rest of Africa 30min E110
Asia 10min E25
Asia 30min E70