1.Customers must dial *687# to choose the international calling bundle they want to purchase from a list of bundles to call different destinations.

2.The international calling bundles will be available as a permanent proposition.

3.The validity of the bundles is 30 days.

4.Bundle validity is not extendable.

5.The bundles cannot be carried over beyond 30 days.

6.They can only be used for international calls.

7.When making international calls, the bundle will take priority over all voice bundles.

8.Customers dial *557# to check their bundle balance.

9.Customers are able to buy bundles for another subscriber.

10.To activate the bundle, customers dial a USSD string *687# and then purchase the desired bundle through a menu or via SmartApp.

11.Each bundle shall be depleted on per-minute billing.

12.The international calling bundles are non –transferable.

13.Bonus airtime cannot be used to purchase these bundles.

14.All prices are subject to change, subscribers shall be notified.

15.Customers will not be able to use bundles when roaming.

16.The bundles shall only be used for making international calls.

17.The wallet shall be depleted on per minute billing basis.

18.Customers shall enjoy this offer in any service class.

19.Customers may call out of bundle at any time.

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