International Roaming

MTN Roaming

International Roaming is available to all MTN Mobile customers. MTN customers can take their MTN number when they travel across the border and keep connected to contacts both at home in Swaziland and rest of the world regardless of whether they are Prepaid or Postpaid. Postpaid Customers - Please contact your Account Manager or go to the nearest MTN Service Centre to complete our roaming request form. Depending on customer profile, a security deposit might be required

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Roaming Partners

Live Roaming Partners information.

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Roaming in Swaziland

MTN Swaziland has partnered with foreign operators around the world to ensure that you stay connected when visiting the beautiful Kingdom. Whether just passing through, relaxing on holiday or on a business trip, you can still enjoy the services of the Number 1 network in Swaziland.

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International Calling

To make an international call from Swaziland

  • Dial the number, but start with the prefix +2 or outgoing code 002
  • Follow this by the destination country code
  • Then enter the desired number, minus the first zero

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