Calling & Voicemail

As an MTN Customer, you have exclusive access to our convenient and useful service offerings. From advanced communication features to directions and even emergency services, they’re all just a phone call away. MTN offers you a diverse range of calling services. From adapting your prepaid options monthly to holding two calls and taking a third, MTN gives you flexible solutions to your needs

Call Barring

This service allows you to bar incoming or outgoing calls from your phone.

  • Go to your phone settings and select ‘call settings’
  • Select ‘call barring’

It is a free service.

*Please note: this service is phone specific. Instructions for activating may vary. Please check your phone manual if you don’t see the above options on your phone.

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Call Forwarding

Available on all packages, Call Forwarding / Call Diverts allow a user to divert an incoming call either to a Insta Voicel, or to another mobile or fixed line. This service is particularly convenient and useful when you are unable to answer a call, your phone is off or you are out of coverage or even out of the country.

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Call Line-identification

CLIP will allow you to see the number that is calling you provided it is not restricted (and your number will be shown when dialing out). CLIR will prevent your number from being viewed when making outgoing calls (and you will not see an incoming call number).

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Call Waiting

This service allows a user to handle two calls or more at a time and is a free service available on all MTN packages. If you are on a call and somebody else calls your number, your call waiting feature alerts you of the incoming call with a unique audible tone. The current call can then easily be placed on hold using the Call Holding functionality, with the user able to switch between the two calls or return to the first call after terminating the second incoming call. Call Holding and Waiting can only be activated on handsets that support this feature. Consult your handset user's manual for information on this. * Consult your handset user's manual for additional information on how to reject, accept and make second calls on your handset.

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Please Call Me

A Please Call Me is a free service that allows all MTN Customers to send an SMS message to any other MTN customer, requesting them to call him or her back. The message delivered will read 'Please call me' and will feature the cellphone number of the person requesting the callback. Please Call Me requests are free with a maximum of 5 free Please Call Me SMS messages allowed daily. To send a Please Call Me, dial *121*cellphone number# and press OK. The message will be delivered to the relevant person as an SMS. Should the recipient have your number saved on his or her phone, the message will be personalized.

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Never miss a call again! This is a service that integrates missed calls, voicemail & voice SMS’. With the best user experience and convenience, Insta Voice keeps you connected even when you are out of reach. Simply dial *0* to retrieve your voice messages or download the MTN Insta Voice App from your device store. Why use Insta Voice?

  • Zero Barriers: Get missed calls and voicemails from anyone, and send/receive voice messages to both InstaVoice app users and non-app users
  • Device Independent: Works on feature phones and smartphones across all carriers
  • Fair Charging: Voicemail functionality does not charge users unless they actually leave a message.
  • No Slam call charging: No charge to hear prompts
  • Easy Retrievals: Users can call *0* to retrieve messages
  • Engaging: User can reply to any message from IVR or from smartphone App (IOS , Android
  • Missed Call Notification: Called Number is notified if the caller does not leave a voicemail

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