Data Bundles MTN Standard Bundles

MTN Standard Bundles are prepaid data bundles available to you by dialing *686*1*2# and are valid for 30 days.

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MTN WoW Bundles

WoW Bundles are an affordable data bundle tailor made for you. Dial *686*1*1# to check out these amazing savings.

WoW bundles have different validities; Daily & Monthly. WoW bundles gives you more value for money as more data volume is available at more affordable rates.

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MTN Social Bundles

Connect, share, like and enjoy keeping up to date with the latest social media trends with MTN Social Bundles.

Dial *686*1*4# and purchase the bundle suitable for you.

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MTN Night Data Bundles

For the night owls who enjoying surfing the net after midnight. MTN Night Bundles are time specific bundles which can be used between 12am – 4:59am daily.

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MTN Data Subscription

This data package gives you convenience and lets you automatically purchase your preferred bundle size.

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MTN Snapi Bundles MTN Stretchi Bundles

Stretch your data to your pocket!
Stretchi bundles are available on the Snap Tariff App. Depending on the zone you're in, the more data you use, the more stretch it will have, giving you more value for your money.

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MTN Rush Hour Bundles

Get more volume for an hour with MTN Rush Hour bundles. Dial *686# to purchase a bundle.

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MTN YouTube Bundles

Enjoy live streaming on YouTube for less. Dial *686# to purchase a bundle

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