Swaziland Building Society ATM

Conveniently withdraw MTN Mobile Money from any Swaziland Building Society ATM

All MTN Mobile Money customers can now withdraw cash via any Swaziland Building Society ATM,24/7.

Dial *007# and select banking services.

To withdraw MTN Mobile Money from any Swaziland Building Society ATM please follow these simple steps

Step 1: Dial *007# on your phone and press ok.
Step 2: Select 4 (Banking Services).
Step 3: Select 3 (ATM Cashout).
Step 4: Select 1 to generate a One-Time-PIN(OTP).
Step 5: Enter your 5 digit MTN Mobile Money PIN.
Step 6: You will receive an SMS with your OTP that will last for 30 minutes. Keep it safe until use.
Step 7: Locate a Swaziland Building Society ATM nearest to you.
Step 8: Select MTN Mobile Money and press ok.
Step 9: Enter your phone number and press ok.
Step 10:Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw and press ok.
Step 11:Enter your OTP and press ok.
Step 12:Collect your money from the dispenser and take your receipt.

Safety tips

  • Make sure that your OTP is know only by you.
  • Make sure that the Swaziland Building society ATM is in a secure place.
  • Make sure that no one is lingering directly behind you while you do the withdrawal.
  • Do not ask for assistance from anyone, if you need help please call th telephone number that is on the ATM or call 922 from your cellphone
  • Once you have taken your money, please be sure to take your receipt as well.
  • Walk briskly away from the ATM and make sure that no one is following you.

For More information call 922.