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​Your PUK is an eight-digit code that is required to un​ b​lock your SIM card. It is normally required after the PIN has been entered incorrectly three times. You​r PUK code is printed on the full SIM card when a new SIM is purchased. Remember to keep it in a safe place until the SIM needs to be unblocked.

Note: If a PUK number is entered incorrectly nine times, the SIM card will self-destruct, and a new ​SIM card will need to be purchased. You will also have to have the SIM swapped by visiting the MTN Service Centre with your identity document (ID) and a list of three frequently called numbers.

To get your PUK number, please SMS your number to 6000. Alternatively call 922 and press the option for PUK; you do not need to speak to a consultant. ​​​

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