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What is a private APN (Access Point Name)?

​A private APN gives you, the customer, direct access to your business LAN (local area network) and allows you to specify certain parameters such as the private address space allocated to the devices and a Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server attributes for user authentication. You are also able to access the Internet.

What steps are taken to ensure that no unauthorised connections are made to a company's private APN?

MTN Roaming What is international roaming?

Is the service only for post-paid customers?

How do I know if I can roam in the country I am visiting?

Can I load airtime when I am roaming?

Can I access my voicemail messages while roaming?

How do I make a call while roaming?

How much does roaming cost?

What happens when I receive a call?

Why is MTN now charging for receiving calls?

How do I access help while roaming?

Data roaming is said to be expensive. What tips can I apply to avoid a huge bill?

What is MTN Shifta?

How do I change my calling plan on MTN PayAsYouGo?

Is it possible to register for MTN Mobile Money using different cellphone numbers?

As an MTN PayAsYouGocustomer, how do I get a number to roam when I travel to South Africa?

What is MTN XTraTime?

Can MTN reverse MTN Me2U transactions?

What is my barring password?

How do I buy Internet bundles?

How can I download WhatsApp?

From what time do the night Internet bundle (MTNShifta) work and end?

Why is it that smartphones use a lot of data?

Is it true that data paid for expires if not used up by a certain date?

How do I check my Internet bundle balance?

How can I save airtime while roaming?

I bought Internet bundles but I am still being charged from my main account?

How much is it to register for MTN Mobile Money, and am I going to be charged for depositing money into my account?

How do I activate night Internet bundles on MTN Shifta?

How do I buy SMS bundles?

What are MTN calling times?

What do I need to get a SIM swap?

What are the costs for MTN Magic Voice?

How much am I going to be charged for Call Divert and Call Forwarding?

How do I apply for a contract?

Can I retain my old number when moving to a contract package?

How do I set up my phone for WAP?

When and how do I get my bill?