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Dialing​ 112 and 933 from your MTN cellphone will automatically connect you to fire and emergency services for free. This 24-hour crisis centre can assist with any emergency, wherever you are. The contact number 112 is an internationally recognised emergency number and can even be used when travelling outside of Swaziland.

When making an emergency call, be sure to have your exact location a​​nd your contact details available. In the event of you only being a witness, provide the contact details of someone who will remain with the person in need of assistance. Eme​rgency calls to 112 can even be made from cellphones that do not have SIM cards inserted.

The cost of the actual emergency service is payable by the person receiving assistance. Often the person dialing 112 is only a witness to the crisis or the only one with a cellphone when it is needed.​​​

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