MTN Zone

PayAsYouGo Standard and Call Per Second customers can easily access MTN Zone, a cost-effective plan that gives you up to 95% discount on all MTN-to-MTN calls! Migration is free and easy: simply dial *135*1# from your MTN handset to migrate and start saving today!

MTN Zone allows you to enjoy huge savings when making calls and charges you just 4 cents per second from the first second when making MTN-to-MTN local calls.

Need help with MTN Zone? Use the following dialling codes to help you understand how MTN Zone can save you money!

Registration: *135*1# send
Registration status: *135# send
Deregistration: *135*9# send
Information: *135*2# send
Applicable tariffs: *135*3# send
Cell broadcast set-up information: *135*4# send
Zone Help: *135*5# send
Notification off: 135*6# send
Notification on: *135*7# send
Information: *135*8# send

How do I get it?

You can purchase a PayAsYouGo plan from your nearest MTN Dealer or contact MTN Customer Care for more information.
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Other PayAsYouGo Options

PAYG Call Per Second
Call Per Second is suitable for short duration calls.

PAYG Standard
PayAsYouGo Classic is ideal if you receive more calls than you make, and make mist of your calls in the evening or on weekends.
MTN PayAsYouGo Options