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MoMo Quick Loans

The following criteria must be met:

  • You must have been active on the makoya network for at least 6 months
  • You need to be 18 and above
  • You need to have been registered on Momo for at least 3 months

Dial *007*7# to get started on requesting a loan. The Loan is instant and is paid directly to your MoMo wallet with no paperwork involved and collateral needed.

Your loan will incur an 8% interest if paid within the 30-day period. Should you default on your repayment then there will be a 10% penalty.

Dial *007*7# and select option 2) Repay Loan.

MoMo Pay

All you need to do is approach your nearest MTN outlet with your ID and phone to register for the service.

You may use the service at over 50 outlets nationwide 👉🏽 : Keep an eye out for the MoMo pay poster.

During the course of the transaction, the teller will prompt you to tap the speed point using your card/sticker to initiate the transaction from your end. You will then receive a notification prompting you to approve the transaction (enter your 5-digit pin to confirm). You will receive an SMS confirmation of the payment to conclude it.

Yes, there are service charges but pegged at favourable rates:


Price Range 


Service Charge


1.00 – 19.00 5%
20 -125 2.5%
126 – 250 2.5%
251 – 500 2%
501 – 750 1.5%
751 – 1000 1%
1001 – 2000 0.75%
2001 – 4000 0.5%

Not at all, simply dial *007*1*2# to get started (the retailer will provide you with the retail code).

Likhandlela Funeral Policy

As a MoMo user who has met the criterion of sending money at least once in the current period, you are covered for one calendar month succeeding the month in which you qualify. For instance, if you qualified in February you will be covered for the month of March. So to be constantly covered; you simply need to use your MoMo account.

Should the unfortunate occurrence of you passing on come about, then your nominated beneficiary will be the one to receive the funds.

The individual who was nominated by the policyholder.

  •   Dial *007#
  •   Select option 3) Pay Bills
  •   Select option 6) Likhandlela
  •   Select option 1) My Life Cover
  •   Then follow the prompts
  •  Dial *007#
  •   Select option 3) Pay Bills
  •   Select option 6)  Likhandlela
  •   Select option 2)  My Claims
  •   Then follow the prompts

They will need to approach Old Mutual Customer Services and bring with them the following documents:

  •   A certified copy of the Death Certificate
  •   A copy of the beneficiary’s ID
  •   Proof of the relationship to the deceased

The claim which has been approved will be paid out into the beneficiary’s MoMo Account.

A claim will not be paid if the following is the case:

  •   Insurance is not active at the time of death
  •   If the person making the claim is not the nominated beneficiary.
  •   If the prerequisite documents to make a claim are not present


In the unfortunate event of the death of the policyholder, the beneficiary/claimant has up to a maximum of 12 months to make a claim

ATM Withdrawals

Not at all, all you need to do is approach the nearest Eswatini Bank or Eswatini Building Society ATM and dial *007*4*3*1# to get started.

Yes, there are and pegged at favourable rates:

Eswatini Bank Withdrawal Rates

Money Being Transferred (SZL)  Minimum amount


 Maximum amount


Service Charge


20.00 – 500.00 20.00 500.00 10  
501.00 – 1200.00 501.00 1200.00 12  
1201.00 – 2200.00 1201.00 2200.00 14  
2201.00 – 4000.00 2201.00 4000.00 20  

EBS (Eswatini Building Society) Rates

Money Being Transferred (SZL)  Minimum amount


 Maximum amount


Service Charge


20 – 100 20.00 100.00 10  
101 – 250 101.00 250.99 14  
251.00 – 500 .00 25100 500.99 17  
501.00 -1000.99 501.00 1000.99 22  
1001.00 – 2000 .99 1001.00 2000 .99 40  
2001.00 – 4000.99 2001.00 4000.99 49  

No, and that’s the best part; no queues, no ID, simply bring your phone/device.

Approach the nearest EBS or Eswatini Bank ATM then:

On Your Phone

  1. Dial *007# 
  2. Select option 4 Banking 
  3. Select option 3 ATM Withdrawal 
  4. Select option 1 Get Cash-Out PIN
  5. Enter your 5-digit MoMo PIN
  6. You will receive your Cash out PIN which will be valid for 30 minutes. 

On the ATM

  1. Select Cardless Services
  2. Select Mobile Money
  3. Enter your cellphone number
  4. Enter OTP
  5. Enter Amount
  6. ATM will give out cash and feedback on Screen
  7. You will then receive an SMS confirming the transaction

The service is currently applicable at Eswatini Bank and Eswatini Building Society ATMs nationwide.

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