Approach the nearest EBS or Eswatini Bank ATM then:

On Your Phone

  1. Dial *007# 
  2. Select option 4 Banking 
  3. Select option 3 ATM Withdrawal 
  4. Select option 1 Get Cash-Out PIN
  5. Enter your 5-digit MoMo PIN
  6. You will receive your Cash out PIN which will be valid for 30 minutes. 

On the ATM

  1. Select Cardless Services
  2. Select Mobile Money
  3. Enter your cellphone number
  4. Enter OTP
  5. Enter Amount
  6. ATM will give out cash and feedback on Screen
  7. You will then receive an SMS confirming the transaction

Shortcode (Option 2)

  1. Dial *007*4*3*1# and follow the prompts

MyMTN app (Option 3):

How to

Download the app!

Take care of your retail payments within the MoMo Services feature available on the My MTN app. Download the app and start buskin in a bold new digital world.

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