1. Dial *007# 
  2. Select option 1) To Someone
  3. Enter the recipient’s number
  4. Enter the amount (between E20 – E4000)
  5. Enter the reason/reference for the transaction (this may be provided by the recipient in instances of transactions or a tag for your benefit)
  6. You have the option of paying for the withdrawal charges to be incurred by the recipients (reply with 2 if you concur or 1 of you don’t oblige)
  7. Confirm with your pin; ensure that the account details depicted indeed belong to the recipient.   

   Option 2  (Shortcode)

  • Dial *007*1# and follow the prompts

Option 3 (My MTN app)

How to

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Take care of your retail payments within the MoMo Services feature available on the My MTN app. Download the app and start buskin in a bold new digital world.

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