Calling Services

MTN offers its customer a diverse range of calling services. From adapting one's prepaid options monthly to holding two calls and taking a third, MTN gets its customers enjoy flexible solutions to their specific needs.

Call Barring

Call Barring is a free service available to all MTN Subscribers that restricts certain numbers from being called or received from a handset. Call Barring can be both cost saving as well as a security feature.

Call Forwarding

Available on all packages, Call Forwarding / Call Diverts allow a user to divert an incoming call either to a VoiceMail, or to another mobile or fixed line.

Call Holding and Waiting

This service allows a user to handle two calls or more at a time and is a free service available on all MTN Packages.

Call Line Identity(CLI)

Calling Line Identity is free and can be activated or deactivated by calling Customer Services. Alternatively, consult your handset user manual for more information on CLIP and CLIR.

Conference Call

This service allows more than two people to participate in a call regardless of locations or mobile or fixed lines. Up to five other callers can join your conversation, with a total of six callers at any time.

Dual/Twin Call

You no longer need to use your only SIM card in your car phone, cellphone or cardphone. Enjoy the benefit of Dual Call and have two connected SIM cards that you can use in your cellphone and car phone or cardphone.

International Unbarring

International Unbarring allows you to use your cellphone to make International calls, i.e. any call outside of Swaziland.


Me2U is a free service that conveniently allows you to share MTN airtime with family and friends with ease. In place of buying recharge vouchers, you can easily send airtime to any MTN number by SMS.

Please Call Me

A Callback or Please Call Me is a free service that allows all MTN Customers to send an SMS message to any other MTN Customer, requesting them to call him or her back. The message delivered will read 'Please call me' and will feature the cellphone number of the person requesting the callback.